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FCIL Newsletter, February 1999
v. 13, no. 2

Westlaw Adds EIU

EAGAN, Minn. -- The international scope of Westlaw® was broadened today with the addition of the widely respected reports and newsletters produced by The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and made accessible via Dow Jones Interactive. Access to business, economic and political analysis for more than 180 countries is now available through new EIU databases on Westlaw, West Group�s vast online source of value-added legal and business information.

�The EIU�s reputation in the industry as a premier provider of business information resources and content makes this a perfect fit for Westlaw users,� said Wendy Beecham, vice president of content development for West Online. �In the global market, lawyers advise companies that are importing, exporting, involved in mergers and acquisitions, or seeking out specific countries for expansion. The high-quality worldwide content provided by the EIU can be a critical resource for these practitioners and companies.

More than ever before, international business knows no boundaries,� she continued. �These databases will be of particular interest to in-house legal departments of multinational companies and law firms and financial institutions that advise them, as well as to government agencies or any legal practice that monitors political, economic and business developments across the world.�

EUI reports now available include the Country Profile, an annual report on each country�s political and economic background; the Country Report, a quarterly overview of the country�s current operating environment; the Country Forecast, which includes financial projections for the 65 largest economies: and the Global Outlook, a forecast covering the
world. Newsletters dedicated to Africa, Asia, China, Eastern Europe, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and India highlight the new content available. In addition, The Crossborder Monitor, a weekly worldwide newsletter, appeals to managers who need a synopsis of events that could affect their international operations. Flexible research capabilities will allow Westlaw users to search the databases by country, region and/or key words. Making this key international content and other portions of Dow Jones Interactive accessible to Westlaw users is another example of how West Group, through its strategic alliance with Dow Jones, demonstrates its understanding of the needs of the legal professional and its commitment to meeting those needs.

The EIU is an information provider for companies researching, establishing and managing operations across national borders anywhere in the world. Founded 50 years ago in London, the EIU now has a worldwide network of offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Vienna, Singapore and Tokyo. The EIU is part of The Economist Group, which also publishes The Economist newspaper. Like The Economist, the EIU prides itself on a wholly international and impartial view of the world, on aiding the global flow of information, on the clear use of English, the language of international business, and on a blend of acuity and accuracy.

EIU material can be accessed online through proprietary Westlaw software, or via the World Wide Web at www.westlaw.com. For more information or to place an order, call West Group at 800-762-5272. West Group is the preeminent provider of information to the U.S. legal market. Headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, West Group is a division of The Thomson Corporation (TSE: TOC). For more information on West Group and its products and services, visit our web site at www.westgroup.com.

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