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FCIL Newsletter, February 1999
v. 13, no. 2

Call for Papers

The Buffalo Human Rights Law Review invites the submission of unpublished articles concerning current human rights issues for publication.

In all submissions, text should be double spaced, with footnotes conforming to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (current edition). Those without access to The Bluebook should include detailed information about all sources noted, including the full name of the author, editor, and/or translator. Please send articles in duplicate and on a 3 ½ inc IBM disk in WordPerfect 6.0/6.1 format. If WordPerfect 6.0/6.1 is unavailable to you, earlier versions of WordPerfect will be accepted.

Papers will be reviewed on a rolling basis for publication (ed. note: this notice was submitted too late for publication in the October FCIL Newsletter, so the November �98 deadline for the 1999 issue has passed).

Mail submissions to:

Buffalo Human Rights Law Review
State University of New York at Buffalo
School of Law
John Lord O�Brian Hall
Buffalo, New York 14260-1100

For further information, please call (716) 645-6206


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