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FCIL Newsletter
vol. 13, no. 3: May 1999

West Group Product News and Information
Press Release

March 4, 1999

Largest Collection of International News Now Available on Westlaw

Desktop Access to World Reporter from Dow Jones Interactive Highlights Essential Global Content

EAGAN, Minn. -- In this unprecedented period of expanding global commerce, borders

continue to fade while companies focus more energy on business ventures with

international trading partners. Through it all, West Group continues to provide legal

practitioners with the tools necessary to keep a finger on the pulse of the international

business climate. The latest in key international content on Westlaw® is World

ReporterSM, one of the largest collections of international news ever assembled. World

Reporter is available through Dow Jones Interactive, the world's premier business

intelligence service, which is fully integrated into Westlaw.

With access to World Reporter (WORLDRPTR), the research capabilities of Westlaw

expand by the addition of more than 350 more international business, news and information

publications that provide timely access to first-rate coverage of local, regional and

international news. It carries both full-text English-language news and English abstracts of

local-language news from a wide range of authoritative sources, as the result of an alliance

of Dow Jones Interactive Publishing, Financial Times Information and The Dialog


"As more and more law firms and their clients do business around the world, attorneys

must stay informed about local economies and local events that can affect their business

dealings," said Wendy Beecham, West Online vice president for content development.

"These professionals need a resource they can count on to provide them with key

information regarding mergers and acquisitions, exporting and investments in foreign

companies. World Reporter is just the tool to keep those interested parties aware of current

developments abroad that might not make headlines in the domestic publications they read

each morning."

Notable examples of newspapers, newswires and business magazines included in World

Reporter are: Ambito Financiero (Argentina), Asia Intelligence Wire, AssA-Irada

(Azerbaijan), Budapest Sun (Hungary), Business Venezuela, The Daily Telegraph (UK),

Dow Jones Business News (US), Gazeta Mercantil (Brazil), Les Echos (France),

Hospodarske Noviny (Czech Republic), Indian Express, The Nation (Thailand), New

Zealand Herald, El Pais (Spain) and Times of Zambia. The amount of information provided

by World Reporter is expected to expand to 2.2 million articles this year.

Researchers will benefit from two search-friendly multibases: WORLDRPTR contains all

available newspapers, magazines and journals, while WORLDRPTR-PLUS includes that

content plus material from prominent wire services. Users also can choose to search each

of the hundreds of publications individually. Data in both multibases can be searched

geographically or by key words, an efficient search function that brings the required

information to the user with just a few mouse clicks.

World Reporter from Dow Jones Interactive is a key component in the multitude of

international content available on Westlaw. Used in conjunction with information and

analysis provided by databases such as EIU-ALL (from the Economist Intelligence Unit),

practitioners can monitor business, economic and political movements abroad without ever

leaving their desk. And by using WestClip, West Group's flexible online clipping service,

Westlaw users can set up tailored searches that scan selected databases and send the

latest updates to their fax machines, printers or e-mail accounts.

About West Group

West Group is the preeminent provider of information to the U.S. legal market.

Headquartered in Eagan, Minnesota, West Group is a division of The Thomson Corporation


About Dow Jones

Dow Jones Interactive Publishing, a division of Dow Jones & Company, provides business

news and information to corporations and consumers through Dow Jones Interactive, the

largest paid corporate news and information service with 600,000 computer users, and The

Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, the largest subscription site on the World Wide Web

with more than 265,000 subscribers. More information on Dow Jones Interactive Publishing

and its products can be found at (http://ip.dowjones.com).

In addition to Dow Jones Interactive and The Wall Street Journal and its interactive and

international editions, Dow Jones & Company (NYSE:DJ) publishes Barron's and

SmartMoney magazines and other periodicals, Dow Jones Newswires, Dow Jones Indexes

and the Ottaway group of community newspapers. Dow Jones is co-owner of the CNBC

television operations in Asia and Europe, and also provides news content to CNBC in the


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