Clearinghouse Report

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FCIL Newsletter
vol. 14, no. 1: October 1999

FCIL Clearinghouse for Internships &
International Personnel  Exchanges
David McFadden
Southwestern Univ. School of Law Library

Attendees:  David McFadden, Charlotte Bynum, Jack Schroeder, Janet Sinder, Maria Smolka-Day, Mary Strouse, Katherine Topulos, and Suzanne Thorpe.

Janet Sinder, an issue editor from Legal Research Services Quarterly (LRSQ),  came to solicit articles for a double issue of LRSQ dealing with exchanges, visits and other law librarian experiences in foreign countries. One estimate of the article length is 10-20 pages. One suggestion was that the FCIL Clearinghouse survey and other information be added to an appendix to the article.

The chair reported he planned on updating the existing surveys annually by sending out a letter confirming whether the libraries want to continue to be listed. This is a continuation of the project that Charlotte Bynum has undertaken in the past year.

One means of advertising the services of the clearinghouse is to use the FCIL web page. This was suggested last year. It was suggested to contact Anne Burnett to see if it was feasible to have a separate listing on the first page of the FCIL web page so that it would be easier to find out information about the clearinghouse. The following should be linked to an initial informational page about the clearinghouse: 1) the current clearinghouse survey results once Charlotte Bynum is finished with her project  2) the survey form for libraries to update their listing or new libraries to join. There was a discussion whether the survey form should just be a printable form that can be later faxed or mailed or if it should be an interactive form that allows online submission. The committee did not want these additional pages on the clearinghouse to replace the clearinghouse entry on the Committees and Working Groups listing. It is still important to have the current chair listed there. Anne Burnett will be contacted regarding getting the clearinghouse information on the web.

Charlotte Bynum has  contacted  libraries that have previously responded to the questionnaire, which was last published in the FCIL Newsletter, Vol.10, Nos. 2/3, February/May 1996, to update their information. She has contacted 6 from the U.S. and 10 from foreign countries. Only two no longer wish to be on the list and in both cases it is only temporary.

The chair will solicit FCIL members to see if they are aware of other libraries that are willing to participate in exchanges and visits. It was suggested to contact law-related organizations that may have existing programs. Suzanne Thorpe has agreed to contact the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) and Mary Strouse will contact the American Bar Association (ABA).

The Spanish translation was completed and a survey was completed in 1995/96.  The Chinese translation was completed last year but has not been sent out yet. It was reported that Jeanette Yackle is working on the French translation project. Russian and Japanese were suggested as other languages for the translation project.

There was a brief discussion of the FCIL draft Strategic Plan section on the Clearinghouse. One comment was about funding sources for placements. Some of the other suggestions, e.g. publicizing the survey results, are being implemented prior to any formal adoption of the strategic plan. It was suggested that a blurb about the clearinghouse appear in the newsletter. Anne Burnett will be contacted concerning this.

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