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FCIL Newsletter

Foreign, Comparative, and International Law Special Interest Section
American Association of Law Libraries

Volume 14, Number 1
October 1999

In This Issue
From the Chair
Annual Meeting Reports:
1999 FCIL SIS Business Meeting
Minutes of FCIL-SIS Asian Law Working Group Meeting
Report of the CIS and Eastern European Working Group
FCIL Clearinghouse for Internships & International Personnel Exchanges
Education Committee Report
Jolande Goldberg Receives Marta Lange/CG Award
Strategic Planning Survey
News from the Meeting of U.S. European Union Depository Librarians
ASIL Electronic Resources Guide
Focus on Foreign Law: AALL Conference Workshop Held at Library
Foreign Law Library Visits and Exchanges

The FCIL Newsletter is published in paper and electronic formats. If you want more information about either edition, or if you
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