Strategic Planning Survey

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FCIL Newsletter
vol. 14, no. 1: October 1999

Strategic Planning Survey
Foreign, Comparative and International Law Special Interest Section
September 1999

Dear FCIL SIS Member:
After having produced a draft Strategic Plan for the 1999 Annual Meeting, the Strategic Planning
Committee is interested in gathering more information about the composition and needs of the
membership.  This information should enable the final Strategic Plan to better reflect the needs of the
membership. Please take a few moments to answer the following questions.

Information about yourself:

1. What type of library do you work in: law school / law firm / court / government / private / corporate / independent (please circle one).

2.  Approximately what percentage of your work is devoted to questions with foreign/international
 content: 0 / 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 (please circle one).

3. How long have you been working with foreign/international law at this level? _____ year(s).

4. Did you participate in any of the five Institutes?  yes / no.  Did you regard those as a useful
 method of education about foreign/international law research? yes / no.  What in particular was or
  was not useful:  ________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Do you regard your educational needs as beginning, intermediate or advanced?

6. How long have you been a member of the FCIL SIS? _____ year(s)

7. Why did you join the FCIL SIS? ____________________________________________________

8. Has it generally answered your educational needs?  yes / no.  If no, why not? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Information about areas of interest to you:

1. Which of the following areas would be of most interest to you?  These areas reflect the Institutes held by the FCIL SIS (please rank in order of interest):
___ Foreign Legal Systems or individual jurisdictions
___ International Organizations ( i.e., United Nations documents)
___ Transnational Legal Transactions ( i.e., transnational litigation)
___ Tax and Business ( i.e., double taxation treaties)
___ Public International Law ( i.e., international environmental law)

2. Could you specify topics within each of these areas that might be of particular interest:
International Organizations: ___________________________________________
Transnational Legal Transactions: ______________________________________
Tax and Business: __________________________________________________
Public International Law: _____________________________________________

3. As regards Foreign Legal Systems, which jurisdictions would you be interested in learning more
  about? ________________________________________________.  Which of these following
  regions is of most interest (please rank in order of interest):
 ____ Americas
 ____ Africa
 ____ Asia/Pacific
 ____ Europe (Western)
 ____ Central and Eastern Europe and the former USSR

4. As regards Foreign Legal Systems and jurisdictions, what would be of particular interest: primary
  sources; research methods; acquisitions; substantive law - constitutional/public law; substantive
  law - private law; and/or  particular problems and issues (circle those that would be of interest).
5. Should the Institutes, which were conducted over several years, be held again?  yes / no.

6. The Institutes were designed to methodically cover a number of subjects over several years.  Is that sort of educational programming useful and should the Strategic Plan in its final form include such an approach  for educational programming?  yes / no.  Comments? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7. Do you participate in any working group?  yes / no.  If so, what could be done during the working
  group one hour slot to better meet your needs and interests:____________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________
8. The draft strategic plan suggests an online book group that would discuss books on a given theme - perhaps in connection with a program in the upcoming annual meeting.  Would you have any interest in an online book discussion group? yes / no.

9. What can the FCIL SIS do to meet your educational needs?

10. Any other comments you have would be appreciated: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you very much for your response.

If you wish you can provide the following information:

Name of Library/Employer:
Position or Job Function:

Please return the survey by November 15 to: Stefanie Weigmann, Pappas Law Library, Boston University School of Law, 765 Commonwealth Ave., Boston MA 02215

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