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FCIL Newsletter

volume 14, number 2
February 2000

From the Chair
Katherine Topulos
Duke University School of Law Library

AALL held a Leadership Retreat for the Special Interest Sections on October15 and 16, 1999. Participants included the Chairs of the SISs, Margie Axtmann (President), Roger Parent (Executive Director), Martha Brown (Director of Programs) and the current and former SIS Council Chairs. The primary purpose of the retreat was to maximize input from the participants, and to help develop a common focus for AALL. By the end of the weekend we had written an SIS Impact Statement and Purpose Statement, created a Leadership Profile for SIS leaders and discussed strategies for implementing what we developed. A fuller report on this event will be available in the SIS annual report next spring.

Christine Corcos has updated the web page of the Interest Group on Teaching Foreign, Comparative and International Legal Research (click on "Collection of FCIL-related Course Descriptions, Syllabi, Bibliographies and Similar Materials" from the FCIL-SIS homepage <http://www.lawsch.uga.edu/fcil/fcil.html>). The new page includes a directory of members, syllabi and other teaching materials, and research guides. If you have a syllabus or other material you'd like to add to the page, or if you'd like to be linked from the page, contact Christine at ccorcos@unix1.sncc.lsu.edu.

I'm delighted to report that six programs (three of which are co-sponsored with other groups) and an all-day workshop have been accepted by AALL's Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee (AMPSC) for next summer's annual meeting. The workshop is called Gateway to Treaty Research in the Digital Age. There are two programs on civil law jurisdictions,
Passeport pour la France: Key Legal Sources and Research Strategies and Passeport Intellectuel pour la Louisiane et le Québec: Legal Structure, Research Strategies and Key Sources. The other programs cover a variety of foreign and international law topics: Building New Gateways: Research Instruction for Foreign-Trained Lawyers and Law Students; Passport to China: Searching and Finding in Chinese (co-sponsors: Computing Services SIS, Asian American Law Librarians Caucus); The Intersection of Public and Private International Law in a Global Economy (co-sponsor: Heike Fenton, President, Transnational Publishers, Inc.); and a program on electronic sources for English legal research (co-sponsor: Research Instruction and Patron Services SIS). The Education Committee's "Update on Accepted Programs" elsewhere in this issue discusses the programs and the selection process in greater detail.

You'll notice when you look at the annual meeting program to see what FCIL-SIS events are scheduled in Philadelphia that the name "working group" (as in "Latin American Law Working Group") has been changed to "interest group." The Executive Committee decided on this change because it was brought to our attention that folks in other SISs thought that the working groups were "by invitation" groups, open only to those who were working on specific projects. Since we want to encourage people to come to these meetings (especially since several of the groups are planning to invite speakers this summer), we thought that "interest group" would more clearly reflect the groups' purpose, and would not limit the groups to any particular format for their meeting.

Finally, don't forget to vote for a new Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. You'll find a ballot in this newsletter.

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