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FCIL Newsletter

volume 14, number 2
February 2000

Education Committee Update on Accepted Programs
Jean Davis, Brooklyn Law School Library
Dennis Sears, BYU Law Library

Below are the AALL 2000 Annual Meeting proposals accepted by AALL's Annual Meeting Program Selection Committee (AMPSC). Although AMPSC did not select Gateway to Scotland's Devolution: New Institutions and Sources, Katherine Topulos, Jean Davis and Dennis Sears have contacted the program proposer/speaker and hope to offer this presentation during an FCIL-SIS designated meeting time slot, as our group did with the excellent Australian legal research program in Washington.

This year, AALL allowed members to submit program proposals as e-mail attachments and the FCIL-SIS Education Committee used this submission option for a two-part series on the WTO and international economic development. The Education Committee tried to ensure that AALL would receive the e-mailed proposals; however, AMPSC did not receive one of the two proposals. The Education Committee will resubmit these two programs in 2001. Jean is now a member of AMPSC. In the summer of 2000, she will work with the Education Committee to monitor FCIL-SIS program submissions for the AALL 2001 Annual Meeting (AALL officers are aware that Jean will be the FCIL-SIS Chair during part of her AMPSC tenure and this is not a problem). With Marci Hoffman serving on the Professional Development Committee and Jean serving on AMPSC, we will be able to express our group's 2001 programming interests to many AALL leaders! Katherine, Jean and Dennis thank all who currently are preparing our upcoming workshop and programs.

FCIL SIS Workshop (one day):

Gateway to Treaty Research in the Digital Age

(Workshop would cover key print and electronic sources and research strategies. Morning session: basic; afternoon session: advanced.) Name of one contact: Stefanie Weigmann

FCIL SIS Programs:

Passeport pour la France: Key Legal Sources and Research Strategies (Program I of II in a Civil Law Series) Name of one contact: Charlotte Bynum

Passeport Intellectuel pour la Louisiane et le Québec: Legal Structure, Research Strategies and Key Sources (Program II of II in a Civil Law Series) Name of one contact: Christine Corcos

Building New Gateways: Research Instruction for Foreign-Trained Lawyers and Law Students Name of one contact: Jean Wenger

Other Groups' Programs Co-Sponsored by FCIL SIS:

Passport to China: Searching and Finding in Chinese

(Program would cover search engines, software applications and fonts needed to conduct research in Chinese, key web sites to obtain Chinese legal information, and translation software to assist "English only" researchers.)

(Co-sponsors: Computing Services SIS, Asian American Law Librarians Caucus) Name of one contact: Victoria Szymczak

The Intersection of Public and Private International Law in a Global Economy

(Co-sponsor: Heike Fenton, President, Transnational Publishers, Inc.) Name of one contact: Heike Fenton

A program on electronic sources for English legal research that would be a follow up to the popular 1997 AALL Annual Meeting program English Legal Research from an American Perspective.

(Co-sponsor: Research Instruction and Patron Services SIS Name) Name of one contact: Stephen Young

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