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FCIL Newsletter

volume 14, number 2
February 2000

Publish with AALL!

* Do you have an idea for a new electronic or print publication of interest to law librarians?

* Would you like to grow professionally and personally by creating a new publication that would be of use to your colleagues?

Then the AALL Publications Committee would like to hear from you! The AALL Publications Committee encourages people to publish with AALL, and reviews proposals for new AALL publications.

From the AALL Publications Committee website at: http://www.aallnet.org/committee/publications/ , you can contact members of the Publications Committee, or download a proposal form.

AALL publishes or sponsors a wide variety of materials of interest to law librarians, in print, electronic, and micro-formats. They include:

* Periodicals, such as AALL Spectrum and Law Library Journal;

* Indexes, such as Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals;

* Professional Development Materials;

* Bibliographies and Research Guides;

* Management and Public Relations Resources;

* Occasional Papers on Various Topics;

* Educational Program Materials.

* Results of Research;

* Instructional and Training Resources.

AALL is eager to publish new materials. If you have an idea for a new publication, we look forward to hearing from you!

Rob Richards, Chair, AALL Publications Committee, rrichard@stripe.colorado.edu

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