FCIL Newsletter, May 2000, calendar

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FCIL Newsletter

volume 14, number 3
May 2000

Calendar of FCIL SIS-related Activities during the AALL Annual Meeting
July 15 - 20, 2000 in Philadelphia

*note: all meeting rooms are in the Marriott unless otherwise designated*
*PCC=Pennsylvania Convention Center*

Saturday 7/15 Sunday 7/16 Monday 7/17 Tuesday 7/18 Wednesday 7/19
      7:45-8:45am Asian Law Interest Group
Mtg Rm 310
7:45-8:45am Publications Committee
W1(A) and W1(B)
Gateway to Treaty Research in the Digital Age (all day or 2-4pm advanced session)
Univ. of Pennsylvania
  7:45-8:45am Clearinghouse for Internships & Int'l Personnel Exchanges
Mtg Rm 301
  8:45-10:15am J-6 Passeport Intellectuel pour la Louisiane et le Quebec
PCC 204(C)

J-8 Blackstone in the New World, pt IV
PCC 201(C)

Teaching Foreign & Int'l Legal Research Interest Group
Mtg Rm 310
10:15-11:45am D-5
Gateway to Foreign Patent Information
PCC 204(B)
10:45am-12:15pm G-1
New Look to an Old Subject: Electronic Resources in English Legal Research
PCC 201(A)

G-8 The Intersection of Public & Private Int'l Law in a Global Economy
PCC 108(AB)

  1:00-2:00pm B-6
Passeport pour la France, pt. 1
PCC 204(C)
1:45 (after Association Luncheon) 
Strategic Plan Implementation
FCIL SIS table in Exhibition Hall
12:15-1:15pm Electronic Issues Interest Group
Mtg Rm 308
  2:15-3:45pm C-6
Passeport pour la France, pt. 2
PCC 204(C)
4:00-5:00pm CIS & E. European Law Interest Group
Mtg Rm 309
4:00-5:00pm African Law Interest Group
*Prof. Hocine Fetni will present an Introduction to Law in North Africa
and librarians will provide bibliographies on Algerian, Tunisian & Moroccan law*
Mtg Rm 407/408
4:00-5:00pm F-1
Building New Gateways: Research Instruction for Foreign-Trained Lawyers & Law Students
PCC 105(AB)
3:45-5:15pm I-7
Gateway to China: Searching & Finding in Chinese
PCC 105(AB)
5:00-6:00pm Latin American Law Interest Group * Rene Gutierrez, Columbus Memorial Library, OAS, will speak on OAS documents*
Salon A
  5:00-5:45pm Business Meeting 
Mtg Rm 407-409

5:45-6:45 Reception for Attendees from Abroad
Mtg Rm 407-409

5:15-6:15pm Education Committee
Mtg Rm 310
      6:30-8:30pm IALL Reception
Mtg Rm 402-403

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