FCIL Newsletter, May 2000, IALL Meeting

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FCIL Newsletter

volume 14, number 3
May 2000

International Association of Law Libraries
19th Annual Course on International Law Librarianship
Dublin, Ireland
20th - 24th August 2000

Conferences of the International Association of Law Libraries draw law librarians from around the world to discuss foreign, comparative and international legal information issues and their legal context. They are held in a different city each year. In August 2000 IALL meets in Dublin, a great city which retains a charm and character of its own.

The full documentation including programme, registration form, hotel information and accommodation booking form are on the IALL web site (http://iall.org). Have a look now, time will be short to register by the time you read this. For a preview of events, visits, and hotels try the links.

The programme �A Common Law for Europe� will address a range of issues including: the convergence and interaction of legal systems in Europe, Irish law and legal literature, and Internet access to legal materials.

Conference Venue
The venue is the Dublin International Arbitration Centre run by the Bar Council of Ireland. This is situated in the heart of legal Dublin not far from the Four Courts. It is a modern facility built within the walls of the old Jameson�s Distillery.

Events and Visits
There will be a reception in the famous Long Room, the extraordinary barrel-vaulted library of Trinity College Dublin, with a private opportunity to view the Book of Kells and the museum in which it is housed. On other evenings there will be a Civic Reception by the Lord Mayor, a traditional Irish evening of music and dancing, and the Annual Dinner will be at King�s Inns with a reception in the ancient library of the Inns. A range of visits will be offered, including the Irish Writers� Museum and the James Joyce Centre, as well as a tour of the beautiful Irish countryside.

Jules Winterton , Librarian, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London
phone: +44 20 7862 5884  fax: +44 20 7862 5850

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