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Online Discussion Forums

FCIL SIS Discussion Forum

    The FCIL SIS Discussion Forum is only open to members of the FCIL SIS. This forum is no longer accessed through

    Rather, you must post a message to the FCIL through the AALL Communities - SIS website.  You can set your preferences so that the listserv "remembers" you so that you do not have to sign in to AALL each time you wish to reply to a post. 

INT-LAW Discussion List

    INT-LAW@LISTHOST.CIESIN.ORG (Foreign and International Law Librarians list) is a list for discussion of foreign, comparative, and international legal research resources and related issues. Anyone can sign up to INT-LAW.

    To subscribe, send the following message to

      subscribe int-law

    To post a message to the INT-LAW list that would reach all the subscribers, send a message, with an appropriate descriptive subject header to

    An archive of INT-LAW messages is available back to January 2003.

AALL Professional Development Online Forum Discussions

    The FCIL SIS hosted an online forum discussion: Where in the World Did You Find That? Exploring Foreign and International Law Librarianship. This discussion was held on April 12 - 25, 2004. An archive of this discussion is available.