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Skill in Scabble Letters

Mentoring Skills Inventory

The GLL-SIS Skills Inventory is where new and veteran members can connect as mentor and mentee. Members seeking advice or guidance can connect with members willing to share their expertise and experience. No intermediary is needed and no one tracks the connections made between people.

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Expert Advice Available—Check Out the GLL Skills Inventory

Here you can connect with GLL members who are:

  • Willing to mentor a colleague seeking assistance in an area of unfamiliarity.
  • Willing to mentor new members of GLL or the profession.
  • Willing to mentor those interested in changing specialties.
  • Willing to mentor those interested in changing their career to government law librarianship.
  • Willing to mentor those needing help with resumes, cover letters, job interviews.
  • Willing to mentor those wanting assistance with research projects.