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2016-2017 Officers

  • Chair Jennifer Dalglish
  • Vice Chair/Chair Elect Holly Gerber
  • Board Member Nancy Adams
  • Board Member Dan Cordova
  • Board Member Carol Ebbinghouse
  • Board Member (ex-officio)/Newsletter Editor John Barden 
  • Secretary/Treasurer James Durham
  • Past Chair Kelly Browne

The GLL Executive Committee consists of:

  • Chair. Shall serve for one year and automatically become Past Chair.
  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. Shall serve for one year and become Chair for the following year at the close of the current annual meeting.
  • Secretary/Treasurer. Shall serve for three years.
  • Past Chair. Shall serve for one year.

Three (3) Members-at-Large serving for three-year (3-year) terms staggered, one member at large being elected each year.

Newsletter Editor (ex officio), serving for two years, and appointed by the incoming Chair during even numbered years.

Previous Officers and Committee Chairs