Publicity and Public Relations

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Publicity and Public Relations Committee 2016-2017

Current Committee Members

  • Sue Ludington, Chair 
  • Marissa Mason 
  • Jen Fell 
  • Dolly Moehrle
  • Karin Johnsrud
  • Suzanne Corriell
  • Liaison – Carol Ebbinghouse


  • Facilitate continued production of new and updated GLL Resources Guides pursuant to the grant received for that purpose.
  • Review GLL promotional flyer and work with AALL HQ to update and print.
  • Prepare GLL promotional table for CONELL and GLL poster board display in the Exhibit Hall Membership Activity Area for AALL’s Annual Meeting; coordinate handouts, giveaways, and arrange staffing.
  • Explore options for promoting GLL members, their libraries, and their successful marketing endeavors to the AALL membership; investigate non-AALL publications (print and online) as potential recipients of the same information.

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