Self-Representation Resources

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Resources for Litigants

Council of California County Law Librarians

  • Your Public Law Library This web site focuses mostly on California law, but has useful information for self-represented litigants in all states. Includes a mini-research class as well as self-help links, legal research links, a list of California county public law libraries, and more. Content available in eight languages.

Jenkins Law Library

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Self-Help Guides This collection of resources is designed to help citizens navigate the legal system and assist them with finding relevant legal information.

King County, Washington

Maryland People's Law Library

  • This legal information and self-help website provides information on Maryland and Federal law affecting low- and moderate-income Marylanders and their families. It is geared specifically for Maryland's citizens. The site is now maintained by the Maryland State Law Library.

National Center for State Courts

shlep: the Self-Help Law Express


  • Michael P. Forrest & Mike Martinez Jr. Too Broke to Hire an Attorney? How to Conduct Basic Legal Research in a Law Library, 9 Scholar 67 (2006).

Resources for Librarians

2015 Access to Justice Webinars (SRLN/SCCLL)

Webinar 1 -- Access to Justice: Who';s Your Partner and Where Are You Going?

  • View webinar and download material at:
  • Date: Wednesday, Feb. 18
  • Panelists: Sara Galligan, Terrye Conroy. Moderator: James Durham
  • Program Description: Partnerships are essential ways of doing business for law librarians in all types of libraries. This access to justice webinar will describe areas for strategic partnering such as training, core collections, centralized websites, and technology. It will also describe major partners in the legal community and ways to strengthen our collaboration with valuable allies.

Webinar 2 -- Access to Justice: Best Practices for Court, County, and Government Law Libraries

  • Register for webinar at: (after the program, the video and materials will be located here)
  • Date: Tuesday, March 24, 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern
  • Panelists: Sara Galligan, Joan Bellistri, and Janine Liebert. Moderator: James Durham
  • Program Description: As we claim our role in alleviating the justice gap, law librarians provide unique services for self-represented litigants and are critical advocates for essential library services. This webinar is specifically for court, county, and government law librarians who want to learn basic service benchmarks as well as touchstones for evolving services. Whether a practical lesson or best practice for library self help programs, these guiding principles will energize attendees. The program will serve as a catalyst for enhancing services in all public law libraries, no matter how small or large. It will also convince law librarians that they can and must promote law library services among other collaborators in the legal community.

California Conference on Self-Represented Litigants (2011 and earlier):

Directory of Library-Based Self-Help Programs

  • Compiled by the Law Librarians' Working Group of the Self-Represented Litigation Network. To add your program to the Directory, complete a form and submit it as directed: Word

Judicial Council of California

  • Equal Access Project
  • The Equal Access Project has materials available, including sample instructional handouts developed by local courts, translations, brochures, program models, evaluation tools, and ideas for setting up a self-help center.
  • Equal Access Project Staff Resources

National Center for State Courts

Pro Se Law Center

  • Network for practitioners of self-help programs as well as an online clearinghouse of information relating to self-representation. Library contains a comprehensive collection of publications gathered from pro se programs all over the country. Resources relate to developing, running, and improving programs for the self-represented litigant.
  • Starting a Self-Help Center for the Self-Represented: 12 Core Resources (requires free registration)