Unauthorized Practice of Law

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Legal Information vs. Legal Advice (video)


Presentation by John Greacen at 2010 California Conference on Self-Represented Litigants. 1:33:53.

Arizona Supreme Court Task Force Report on Legal Advice-Legal Information

Final Report and Recommendations presented in March, 2007. Materials developed by the task force (all in PDF format) include:

California Judicial Council Access and Fairness Advisory Committee

May I Help You? Legal Advice vs. Legal Information: A Resource Guide for Court Clerks (2003) (PDF)

This quick reference, developed by the Judicial Council Access and Fairness Advisory Committee, is intended for use by court staff who provide telephone and counter assistance.

Delaware State Courts

What Court Staff Can and Cannot Do For You

Information for litigants from the Delaware State Courts. 

Greacen, John M. "Legal Information vs. Legal Advice: Developments During the Last Five Years." 84  Judicature 198 (Jan-Feb 2001)

Greacen, John M. "No Legal Advice From Court Personnel - What Does That Mean?" Judges Journal (Winter 1995): 10-15.

Iowa Judicial Branch Customer Service Advisory Committee

Guidelines & Instructions for Clerks Who Assist Pro Se Litigants in Iowa's Courts (July 2000) (PDF)

42 pages

In Search of the Delicate Balance: Legal and Ethical Questions in Assisting the Pro Se Patron 

Law Library Journal, Vol. 90, Issue 2 (Spring 1998), pp. 129-148  Healey, Paul D.

90 Law Libr. J. 129 (1998)

Chicken Little at the Reference Desk: The Myth of Librarian Liability

Law Library Journal, Vol. 87, Issue 3 (Summer 1995), pp. 515-533  Healey, Paul D.

87 Law. Libr. J. 515 (1995)

Pro Se Users, Reference Liability, and theUnauthorized Practice of Law: Twenty-Five Selected Readings 

Law Library Journal, Vol. 94, Issue 1 (Winter 2002), pp. 133-140  Healey, Paul D.

94 Law Libr. J. 133 (2002)