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    The following links should guide you to places on the Web where you can obtain legal information. Consider this a jumping off spot for general legal information, especially for the non-attorney.

    A great site to begin a general search for legal information is Findlaw

    While you are there, you can find a list of legal services (organizations created to help people with legal problems and little money) at Findlaw's Legal Aid and Legal Services Resources.

    The foremost self-help legal publisher is Nolo Press. Their Self-Help Law Center is at Self-Help Law Center. You can order books on-line. Another resource available is their Legal Encyclopedia.

    You can also find Nolo Press books at local bookstores and in libraries. Don't overlook public law libraries (usually in courthouses) and law libraries attached to law schools as a treasure chest of legal resources. Librarians can not offer legal advice, but they may be able to steer you to resources that can help you.

    A legal dictionary provided by Nolo Press can be found at Shark Talk. You can also find "Black's Law Dictionary" at most public libraries.

    A site aimed at discrimination of all kinds and harrassment: DiscriminationAttorney.Com

    If you may be involved with a small claims court, two counties on opposites sides of the country have provided their citizens with guides to small claims action. You can read up on small claims procedures at the San Mateo County Small Claims Court site and at the Magistrate Court of Cobb County, Georgia site.

    Efforts in four states to provide help to pro se litigants in the form of general information about court procedures, forms, pamphlets on specific areas of law, access to discussion of issues as well as answers to specific questions have appeared on the Web:

    Consumer credit. Consumer Protection. Credit Cards. For the laws dealing with this subject, go to the Legal Information Institute's Consumer Credit Law Materials.