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Volume 2002, Number 1
January, 2002
In this issue:


by Deborah Norwood, LISP Chair

It's December and I'm pondering what to write for the chair's column in the LISP newsletter. I reread earlier issues of the newsletter and found Lee Warthen's column for the July 2001 issue particularly poignant. Lee's message ends with a reminder that "LISP is all about having a heart" for little people, with little legal problems.

I encourage all of us to help not only those directly impacted by the catastrophic events of September 11 but to help each other and to remember to help the little people, with little legal problems.

On a lighter note, we are rolling along towards the AALL annual meeting in Orlando in July 2002 and I look forward to seeing you there. Mark your calendars for the LISP annual business meeting, scheduled for Sunday, July 21, from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Use this opportunity to meet other LISPers and to contribute to the success of LISP and its mission. You will have plenty of time to make the opening reception/event so please plan to attend the business meeting. If there is an item you would like considered for the meeting's agenda, please let me know.

Although my column isn't due for another month, I'm writing it early because I'm moving to Washington D.C. As of January 22, 2002, I'll be working at the Burns Law Library at George Washington University as the Assistant Director for Public Services. I'll let you know how you can reach me as soon as I'm settled. For 2002, may we all find peace and prosperity. Wishing you joy and contentment in all that you do.


Business Meeting Minutes from 2001

Held At The American Association of Law Libraries
2001 Annual Meeting, Minneapolis
July 17, 2001

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:20 p.m. by 2000-2001 Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Debby Norwood. Other officers in attendance: 2001-02 Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect Randy Mafit; 2001-02 Secretary/Treasurer-Elect Connie Von Der Heide. All in attendance signed a sheet, indicating institutional affiliation and email address. (See list at end of minutes.)

Minutes Approval

Minutes of the July 17, 2000 Business meeting were approved as published in the LISP newsletter.

Election Results/Welcoming New Officers

Randy Mafit was elected 2001-02 Vice Chair/Chair-Elect, and Connie Von Der Heide was elected 2001-02 Secretary/Treasurer. Debby Norwood is 2001-02 Chair, and Lee Warthen serves as Past Chair during 2001-02.

Treasurer's Report

The May 31, 2001 Revenue and Expenses statement from AALL indicated a balance of $5,372.71. [Update: The Sept. 30, 2001 Revenue and Expenses statement from AALL indicates income of $1,638.00, all from dues; expenses of $604.62, all related to annual meeting. Ending Balance on 9/30/01 was $6,406.09.]

Committee Reports

Newsletter Committee, by Angus Nesbit for John Adkins
Next issue is ready. Angus asked John to postpone distribution till after the annual meeting.

Clearinghouse Committee, by Beth Schneider
Two requests were filled during the past year. The collection has been weeded, and a few items were also missing. A new bibliography will be compiled. Beth suggested running a request for submission of materials in each issue of Spectrum; also post to LISP discussion list periodically.

Education Committee, by Angus Nesbit
Angus has developed a blank form for creating the state materials entries for the Public Library Toolkit, and he has developed a model using Oregon materials. A suggestion was made to find someone in each state to coordinate the development of state entries.

Membership Committee
No report.

Old Business

Research Brochure Revisions have been made; AALL Publications Director Maya Norris is ready to proceed with publication. Unsure of AALL publication cycle; Angus and Randy Mafit will follow up.

Reports/Announcements on LISP and Related Programs in Minneapolis Beth Schneider reported that the Human Genome Project program (no. C-4) went well. About 50 people attended; Beth heard several positive comments.

New Business

Call for 2002 Annual Meeting Program Proposals Debby Norwood reported that program proposals for the 2002 annual meeting must be submitted to the Annual Meeting Program Committee by August 14, 2001. Proposals may be sent to Randy Mafit, who will forward to Angus Nesbit. Randy will post a message on the LISP discussion list soliciting ideas and expertises. Connie Von Der Heide volunteered to help write learning objectives for any proposals.

Updating the Public Libraries Toolkit (see Education Committee report above.)

Committee Sign-Up Debby Norwood will post a message to the LISP SIS listserv seeking volunteers to serve on LISP committees. Randy Mafit suggested obtaining a list of all LISP members from AALL, and coordinating the contact of each member to learn his/her interests; this might inspire more participation.

Other Business/Announcements

Web Site: Angus Nesbit reported that any LISP web site materials residing on the University of Utah server must be moved. LISP needs to designate a web manager for its site. AALL can assist with tech support and advice as needed.

Annual Meeting Activities Table Supplies: Beth Schneider reported that the supply of pencils has been depleted, and the bookmarks are about half gone. She will re-order another 1,500 pencils now, but will wait till after the 2002 annual meeting to order more bookmarks.

Passing of Gavel to New Officers

Debby thanked the 2000-01 officers for their contributions to LISP.


Meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,Connie Von Der Heide


Nominees Sought for the 2002-2003 Executive Board

This is your opportunity to become more involved with LISP by nominating yourself or a colleague to be a candidate for the LISP Executive Board. The Nominating Committee is seeking names of nominees for the positions of Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. This is your opportunity to become more involved with LISP by nominating yourself or a colleague to be a candidate for the LISP Executive Board. The Nominating Committee is seeking names of nominees for the positions of Vice-Chair/Chair Elect and Secretary/Treasurer.

FAQs About Serving on the Executive Board:


The office of Vice-Chair/Chair Elect is a two-year commitment. During the first year, the VC/CE assists the Chair in the administration the SIS, and identifies priorities/plans for his/her term as Chair. During the second year as Chair, this position carries out the business of the SIS, including communicating with AALL headquarters, plans the agenda and chairs the Business meeting. The Vice-Chair/Chair Elect will take office at the end of the 2002 Business meeting in Orlando and serve from July 2002-July 2004.

The office of Secretary/Treasurer is a one year commitment. Key responsibilities are preparing the financial report and taking the minutes at the annual meeting. The S/T also collects and counts the ballots for the annual election. AALL headquarters actually handles all money for the SIS. The LISP S/T works with headquarters staff to record financial transactions and pay outstanding bills.


While the actual time is hard to predict, a good estimate, based on the comments of prior officers, is that LISP business usually takes a couple of hours per month, excluding attendance at the annual meeting and related events. Most SIS business is now carried out via email throughout the year. During the month prior to the annual meeting, the time commitment is a little heavier, as the Board members plan the agenda for the SIS Business meeting held during AALL. After the annual meeting, Board members and the LISP Education Chair work together, through email and phone calls, to develop possible program ideas for the following annual meeting. Because the AALL Annual Meeting Programs Selection Committee has a strict deadline for presenting program ideas, usually about one month after the July meeting, there are usually a few additional hours of work involved right after the annual meeting.


No! While a dedicated core of folks has been committed to carrying out LISP business for years, they would eagerly welcome the active participation of more members. Because the office of Vice-Chair/Chair Elect is a leadership position, members who have served the SIS in prior years, as committee members or in other capacities, are recruited as nominees for this position. However, even if you are fairly new to the SIS, we would welcome your interest and participation by running for the office of Secretary/Treasurer. (Or, if you are not quite ready to run for office, but would like to become more active in LISP, please contact Chair Debbie Norwood, or this year's Vice- Chair/Chair Elect Randy Mafit. Remember, LISP committees need members too!)


Because the LISP Business meeting takes place during AALL, the goal is for all Executive Board members to be present to effectively carry out the business of the SIS. However, with the reality of today's economy, many of us are unable to commit to attending the annual meeting many months in advance, with or without the support of our institutions. Because much of the SIS business can now be carried out via email, conference calls and by fax, there is less emphasis on actual attendance at the annual meeting than in prior years. It is highly desirable that the Chair be present to chair the Business meeting during the year s/he serves in that office. Don't let the uncertainty about your ability to attend the annual meeting keep you from becoming involved!


by February 17, 2002
Names of potential nominees to be submitted to the Nominating Committee
by March 17, 2002
Candidates for office will be announced via list serv by the Chair
by April 17, 2002
Ballots mailed to all LISP members
by May 17, 2002
Ballots must be returned to LISP Secretary/Treasurer
by June 17, 2002
Results of the 2002 LISP election to be announced via list serv

If you would like to submit the name of a potential nominee (either your own or that of a colleague), please email Nominations Chair Joan Allen-Hart at or call at 760-940-4351 by February 17, 2002.

2002 AALL Annual Meeting/Workshop Grants

Deadline: April 1, 2002
The AALL Grants Committee is now accepting applications for grants for the 2002 AALL Annual Meeting/Workshops. The AALL Grants Program provides financial assistance to law librarians or library school students who hold promise of future involvement in AALL and the law library profession. Funds are provided by vendors, AALL and AALL individual members. Grants cover registration costs at either the Annual Meeting or Workshops. Preference is given to newer, active members of AALL or of its chapters. For additional information, including the application form, see The deadline for applications is April 1, 2002.

Reaching Out to Public Librarians

50 Sites in 50 Minutes! This was the promise of a session at the Iowa Library Association (ILA) annual conference in October. I participated in this program with four other special librarians from the fields of business, medicine, agriculture and history. The presentation, sponsored by the ILA's Special Libraries Round Table, was intended to demonstrate the wide variety of information that special librarians can provide. It was a way of repaying those public and academic librarians who are always willing to share their collections and expertise with special libraries and their patrons.

My mission was to present ten legal Web sites (in ten minutes!) for non-law librarians and the public. In the ten minutes allotted, I introduced the sites and urged the audience to explore them further on their own. The presenters developed an accompanying Web page (which I host) listing all 50 sites so that attendees can easily access the sites from their libraries. The handout at the session was a card listing the names and titles of the presenters and the URL of the Web site

The session attracted a large turnout --standing room only! Conference evaluation forms included many positive comments. I even received e-mail from librarians who did not attend, but heard about the presentation through the grapevine and were interested in getting the URL for the Web site. Librarians are in the same boat as everyone else -- overloaded with information and not always entirely successful when searching the Web for information in an unfamiliar field. So the idea of getting Web site recommendations from "experts" was appealing.

To sum up, participating in your state library association is a great way to build relationships with other librarians. While not a complete workshop on legal research, this program provided the participants with some helpful starting points for finding legal information on the Web. It also introduced me to many public librarians in Iowa and gave me a forum to express my interest in working with them to help their patrons find legal information.

Submitted by: Susan Lerdal, Reference Librarian
Drake University Law Library

Call for Papers Announcement

Have you been thinking about writing an article about law librarianship? Or are you already writing an article and just need a little incentive to finish? If yes, read on! The AALL/LEXIS Publishing Call for Papers Committee eagerly solicits your articles for its annual competition. The objectives of the contest are threefold: 1) to promote scholarship among practicing law librarians and in areas of interest to the profession; 2) to provide a creative outlet for law librarians and a forum for their scholarly activities; and 3) to recognize the scholarly efforts of established members, new members, and potential members of AALL. Participating in the Call for Papers competition is a great way to get noticed by your colleagues, win some money, and contribute to our profession.

Up to three winning authors will receive a prize of $750, generously donated by LEXIS Publishing, The recipients will be recognized during award ceremonies at the Association Luncheon of the AALL Annual Meeting. Winners also will present their papers in a program at the Annual Meeting and the paper will be considered for publication in the Law Library Journal.

The papers may address any subject relevant to law librarianship. The papers may be scholarly or practical in substance and tone; the subject should be explored in depth with appropriate reference to sources and documentation. Past winners have written about a wide range of topics, including foreign law, technology, research instruction and reference services, legal history and bibliography, copyright, and trends in law librarianship.
Authors may enter in one of three divisions:
Open Division: Current AALL members who have been members for five or more years.
New Members Division: Current AALL members who have been members of AALL for fewer than five years.
Student Division: Currently enrolled in library school or a law school. Students need not be members of AALL.
No paper that has been published, or accepted for publication before March 1, 2002 will be eligible for consideration.
Visit AALLNET at for more information, including substantive and form requirements, application procedures, judgment criteria. Submissions must be postmarked by March 1, 2002. Good luck!
Questions? Contact a member of the Call for Papers Committee: Maria Protti (chair) at, Karen Beck at, or Marie-Louise Bernal at

Celebrating Ten Years: The National Legal Research Teach-In

Can you remember your favorite AALL programs or publications from ten years ago? Or even where we held the annual meeting (without looking it up!) in 1993? How about the best selling books that year? TV shows? Movies? Maybe some of us have a fuzzy recollection or two, but ten years is a long time! Wouldn't it be reassuring to know that after ten years there is an AALL/RIPS project that still remains relevant and responsive to the needs of legal research instructors? You will be pleased to know that there is something in our fast-paced world of legal research that has remained steadfast over the last decade -- the National Legal Research Teach-In! It is returning in 2002 for its TENTH consecutive year!

The 2002 Legal Research Teach-In, organized by the Research Instruction & Patron Services SIS (RIPS-SIS), offers the opportunity to improve the skills of your patrons and showcase your skills as a teacher and information provider. Following the pattern of the past nine years of highly successful Teach-Ins, Teach-In 2002 is scheduled in conjunction with National Library Week (April 14-20, 2002). As in previous years, the Teach-In committee has worked with the West Group and LEXIS-NEXIS to prepare unique instructional and promotional materials. Thanks to generous donations from the two companies, the MATERIALS WILL again BE AVAILABLE AT NO CHARGE. It is a true measure of their commitment to the law library community that both West Group and LEXIS-NEXIS continue to underwrite this activity, as they have since its inception ten years ago.

New spiral bound kits topped the "BESTSELLER" list last year! -- West Group distributed approximately 750 kits to law librarians all over the world! The 2002 Teach-In resource kit will revisit classic areas of legal research integrating traditional legal resources and the newest electronic sources in one convenient package. The kits are designed to provide that extra assistance to get an instructional program off the ground. They may include pathfinders, research guides, posters, lesson plans, lecture notes, research exercises; a myriad of instructional materials developed by law librarians for use by law librarians. One kit per institution is available free of charge from the West Group. Contact Marketing Support, West Group, by fax 1-800-854-1597 or email Be sure to provide your name, address, institution, telephone number, and, if available, your West Group account number.

A BIG HIT from last year is back by popular demand! Over 20,000 notepads were sent out to approximately 525 locations around the United States, Canada, and Australia, setting another new record! Colorful notepads designed with Teach-In committee assistance and produced by LEXIS-NEXIS, can help you promote your 2002 Teach-In activities. These notepads can be used by library staff or given away to patrons as an incentive to participate in your library events. An online order form will be available at beginning February 1st and ending March 22nd or until quantities are depleted. If you are unable to access this online form, please contact via fax (937-865-1585)Melissa Engler, Marketing Manager, LexisNexis Librarian Relations Group with your name, full mailing address, email and quantity required. If deemed necessary, a limit will be imposed in order to accommodate as many requests as possible.
Orders for training kits or promotional materials should be placed by March 15, 2002, so you will receive them in time for your National Library Week events.

Now is the time to make the commitment that your library will conduct some sort of event involving legal research during National Library Week 2002. With the vast amount of materials available to you, it's easy to plan an educational event. If you need more ideas, descriptions of Teach-In kits from previous years can be found on the RIPS-SIS web page at
Past years' kits can be obtained through AALL Headquarters. Contact: AALL, 312-939-4764. Questions or comments about the 2001 Legal Research Teach-In should be directed to the coordinators for the event, Gail Partin, Associate Law Librarian, Dickinson School of Law, Penn State University, 717-240-5294,; or Karen Brunner, Library Manager, Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti, 973-538-0800,

Program Planning for 2003 Annual Meeting - Let's Start The Process!

Dear LISP Members:
Ever thought, "Gee, what a good idea. Someone should do a program or a workshop on that, or something...."? Well, it's once again time to formulate ideas for any educational programs you would like to see LISP sponsor at the 2003) Annual Meeting. The proposal deadline will be sometime in the summer of 2002, so we need ideas now!

- It's easy to make a program or workshop proposal - just fill out the form!
- You can submit proposals on any topic, whether or not it fits within the stated theme of the Annual Meeting.
- Any individual or group can submit a program or workshop proposal.
- You do not have to attend the Annual Meeting - at the proposal stage, it's good ideas about who would make a good coordinator or speaker that are wanted.
- Your proposal doesn't even have to be complete - again, it's good ideas that are wanted!

The LISP Chair, or anyone on the LISP Education Committee would be happy to talk with you about a program idea! See for Committee member names and contact information.
Don't be bashful - we rely on the LISP membership for program ideas!
-Angus Nesbit, LISP Education Committee

How To Contact Your LISP Officers and Committees,

LISP-SIS Executive Committee


Deborah Norwood
Assistant Director for Public Services
George Washington University Burns Law Library
716 20th Street N.W.
Phone: 202-994-7338
Fax: 202-994-2874


Randy B. Mafit
Law Librarian
Lane County Law Library
125 E. 8th St.
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: 541-682-4113
Fax: 541-682-4315


Connie Von Der Heide
Reference/Outreach Services Librarian
Wisconsin State Law Library
1 E. Main St., 2nd Fl.
Madison, WI 53703
Phone: 608-267-2202
Fax: 608-267-2319

Past Chair

R. Lee Warthen
Assistant Director and Head of Collections, Building and Maintenance
University of Utah
S.J. Quinney Law Library
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0731
Phone: 801-581-6594
Fax: 901-585-3033

Other LISP-SIS Committees

Clearinghouse Committee

Elizabeth K. Schneider (Chair)
Associate Law Library Director
Texas Tech University School of Law Library
1802 Hartford
Lubbock, TX 79409-0004

Members: Laura Stockton, Steven Thorpe

Education Committee

R. Lee Warthen
Assistant Director and Head of Collections, Building and Maintenance
University of Utah
S.J. Quinney Law Library
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0731
Fax: 901-585-3033

Members: Karen Anderson, Patricia Lopez, Angus Nesbit, Debby Norwood, Kerry Prindiville, Diane Rodriguez, Barbara Glennan

Membership Committee

Amy Hale (Chair)
Reference Librarian
San Diego County Public Law Library
1105 Front Street
San Diego, CA 92101-3904
Fax: 619-238-7716

Newsletter Committee

John Adkins (Chair)
Head of Public Services
Legal Research Center
University of San Diego
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Members: Elizabeth McKenzie, Brendan Starkey

Nominating Committee

Joan Allen-Hart (Chair)
North County Branch Librarian
San Diego County Public Law Library
North County Branch
325 S. Melrose, Ste. 300
Vista, CA 92083-6697
; 760-940-4386
Fax: 760-724-7694

Members: Ruth Nunez-Schaldach, Randy B. Mafit


LISP wants to know what its members are doing.  Have you, or anyone you know, given or attended a lecture, seminar, training session or other presentation?  Published an article?  Discovered a good Internet site or other resource?  Know of any other news that LISP members may be interested in?  Don't keep it a secret - LISP wants to know!  No news is too small!

Please send submissions to:

John Adkins
University of San Diego Legal Research Center
5998 Alcala Park
San Diego, CA 92110

Email or use regular mail - with 3.5" floppy, and current version of Word or WordPerfect.