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Communicating With OBS Members


OBS-SIS uses several different methods to communicate with its members:

Online Bibliographic Services SIS Community

The OBS-SIS Community provides an easy way for OBS members to communicate with each other via email. Members should feel free to post messages on any relevant topic. OBS officers and committee chairs will also occasionally post messages regarding AALL or OBS issues. [Restricted to OBS-SIS members]


The OBS-SIS: Online Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section of AALL was the first facebook page for an AALL SIS. The OBS-SIS facebook page provides useful announcements about SIS activities, SIS programs, other useful resources fed through the TSLL TechScans blog, plus it allows members to actively become fans of OBS-SIS and to connect with other OBS-SIS fans on facebook.

OBS-SIS Website

The OBS-SIS website is an essential resource for sharing information about the section in a widely accessible and timely manner. The primary focus of the web site is the section itself; it is not intended to serve as a portal to a wide range of library automation resources.

Website of the Month

As a service to OBS-SIS members, a MARC record of a legal website is distributed on the OBS-SIS discussion list each month.

Membership Survey

OBS-SIS conducts a survey of members every year to find out what what we can do to improve our services, activities, and annual meeting programming. It also provides members an opportunity to volunteer for committees and indicate interest in running for leadership positions. The survey is mailed out to members in late fall and is also available online. Responses are tallied and posted to the website and summarized in TSLL. The survey is a valuable source of information for the SIS planning.