OBS-SIS at AALL Annual Meeting 2003

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Program Descriptions

Connected to the Future: OCLC's Connexion
Coordinator: Michael Maben

OCLC has begun its most dramatic change since it created WorldCat and its cataloging system in 1971. OCLC discontinued its proprietary software and converted to a web-based cataloging system called Connexion on June 30, 2002. An OCLC executive will discuss this conversion and plans for future changes to WorldCat. He will also address MARC changes associated with the changes in the definition of seriality in AACR2 Chapter 12 which OCLC plans to implement in summer 2003.

Envisioning Tomorrow's Catalog: A View From Outside the Library

Coordinator: Kevin Butterfield

View the Materials: Cindy Cunningham's Presentation (PDF handout)

The delivery of online bibliographic services must satisfy new demands for service and access that stretch traditional definitions. The roles of catalogs, catalogers and cataloging continue to evolve in reaction to new materials, new demands for metadata of various types and new consumers and producers of metadata. Greater experience with e-commerce and web search engines drive users expectations of what a catalog should contain, deliver and describe. The speaker will discuss how catalogs, catalogers and cataloging integrate standards with functionality in an e-commerce environment, Amazon.com, and ways in which these traditional library activities adapt to and predict the evolving needs of users.

Open Linking and E-Journal Management: Strategies for Maximizing Your Investment in Electronic Resources Today
Coordinator: Mary Jane Kelsey

A View of Maximizing E-Journal Investment: Once Upon a Time ... / Kim Parker

Fees for aggregator services and e-journal subscriptions will soon consume a significant portion of law library collection budgets. Electronic databases are already the favored media of library researchers. Administrators want to make sure the investment pays off in enhanced services to users. Library users are looking for the holy grail of electronic research-- full text articles. Technical services, reference and systems librarians want to keep track of the constant changes in e-journal aggregators. How will the needs of these disparate constituencies be met? Kim Parker, Yale University Library’s Electronic Publishing and Collections Librarian will describe the process and benefits of Yale’s implementation of Serials Solutions and SFX. Representatives from these two vendors will discuss their products in general terms.

Two Stepping With Technology

Coordinator: Janet Hedin

View Materials: John Nann's Presentation (PDF handout)

With the many demands put upon today’s libraries and their staff, it is hard to stay current with all the latest developments in library technologies especially with new improvements happening almost every day. Trying to determine which library journals to read, what listserves you should be on, what websites you should be watching, or what conferences you should be attending can make you want to throw your hands up in surrender. Never fear this program will help you identify and determine what resources you should be using to stay on top with the latest in library technologies.

MARBI Report
(TS-SIS, co-sponsor)
Coordinator: Susan Goldner, MARBI Representative

View the Materials: MARBI 2003 Report (PDF and HTML formats)