Business Meeting Agenda

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Monday, July 15 Time: 11:45am - 12:45pm
Location: WSCC-Room 210

1. Call to order/welcome

2. Reports

Treasurer/Secretary - Barbara Szalkowski

Members at Large - Marjorie Crawford, Corinne Jacox

Vice Chair - Katrina Piechnik

Education (Seattle) - Christina Tarr

CONELL - Christina Tarr

TSLL - Michael Maben


Local Systems - Marjorie Crawford

Nominations - Kathy Faust

OBS/TS Joint Research Grants - Hollie White

OCLC - Karen Selden

Web Advisory - Tim Knight

3. Strategic Plan vote

4. How can we make AALL work for us

Getting on Association Level Committees?

Using webinars?

Passing around RDA implementation plans?

Other ideas?

5. Handover

6. New Business

Committee Chairs Appointments

San Antonio Education Committee plans

Revision of OBS-SIS Procedures Manual

7. Adjournment