OBS-SIS Annual Meeting Programs, 1990-1999

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OBS-SIS Sponsored Programs from 1990-1999


  • Crosswalks to Information Management: Metadata--What Is It? Who Is Using It? How Is It Being Used?

  • Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

  • The Smaller Law Library at the Automation Crossroads: Is It Time for an Integrated System?


  • Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? The Archivability of Electronic Records

  • Desktop of the Future

  • Cobweb or Web of Gold? How To Evaluate Sites on the Internet


  • Around the World in Eighty Minutes

  • On Beyond Windows: Today's Workstations, Tomorrow's Clients


  • Logistics of Obtaining and Loading Records from Outside Sources into Local Systems

  • The Untold Story: Reference Databases Need Maintenance Too!

  • Weaving Your Web: Building and Maintaining a World Wide Web Site (workshop)

  • Format Integration--Finally


  • LAN Technology: An Introductory Workshop

  • Basic Acquisitions Workshop

  • Net Gain: Learning to Bank on the Internet

  • Integrating Access to Online and Traditional Resources

  • Easing into the Next Generation Library System

  • Hitting a Moving Target: Flexible Long Range Computer Planning

  • Outsourcing: Boon or Bane for Law Libraries?

  • Advanced Acquisitions Workshop


  • Internet for the Novice (workshop)

  • Advanced Internet for the Initiated (workshop)

  • Creativity Skills for Librarians

  • Internet as a Library-wide Resource: Tools for Acquisitions, Serials, Cataloging, ILL and Reference and Related Legal and Technical Problems

  • Internet as a Library-wide Resource: Using the Internet for Legal Research

  • Technical Services/Public Services: New Wine in Old Bottles--the Organizational Structure of Libraries in the Electronic Age

  • Unlocking the Secrets of Bibliographic Databases: Discovering the Riches of RLIN/EUREKA and OCLC/First Search for Legal Reference


  • Enhancing the OPAC: Broadening the Scope of Traditional Bibliographic Access

  • Online Subsystems: Revisiting the Experts--Again!

  • Modifying LC Classification for the Smaller Law Collection


  • New Directions in Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery

  • The Future of the Bibliographic Utilities: Issues in a Changing Environment

  • Online Subsystems: Revisiting the Experts


  • Understanding USMARC:Bridging the Gap for Public Services and Library Administrators

  • The Nuts and Bolts of Developing a CD-ROM-Based Union Catalog


  • The Second Time Around: Migration to Second Generation Library Systems

  • Acquiring Minds Want to Know: Realizing the Maximum Potential in Automated Acquisitions Systems

  • Navigating by Experts: Expert Systems for Reference