OBS SIS 2002-2003 Board Meeting Minutes, July 2002

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Minutes of the Online Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section
2002-2003 Board Meeting

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Orlando, Florida

Attending: Mary Jane Kelsey, Ismael Gullon, Judy Vaughn-Sterling, Kevin Butterfield, Ellen McGrath, Corinne Jacox, Ruth Patterson, Funabiki, Richard Jost

1. Mary Jane Kelsey welcomed new Board Members, Kevin Butterfield (Vice-Chair) and Ruth Patterson Funabiki (Member-at-Large). She also thanked Ismael Gullon, Susan Chinoransky and Ellen McGrath for their past service.

2. Mary Jane Kelsey announced that Anne Myers would be adding the current officers on the OBS web site, plus working on getting the OBS procedures manual loaded on the web. Anne will work with Ismael Gullon and Ellen McGrath on revising the procedures manual to update it and prepare it for web access. Anne will continue to serve as the OBS web advisor and will try to keep the information on the website as current as possible. AALL will be purchasing software that will enable OBS to gather statistics on the use of its website.

3. Mary Jane Kelsey announced that Chris Long will be taking Brian Striman�s place as the Research Roundtable coordinator and also will be writing the Research Roundtable column in TSLL.

4. Technical Services Law Librarian report: The costs of printing TSLL have become increasingly prohibitive for OBS due to the limited budget and other expenses that OBS is responsible for throughout the year. Under consideration is the possibility of distributing TSLL over the web, saving the costs of reproduction and mailing. Both OBS and TS will include a question on their annual member surveys this year soliciting member feedback on this option before making a decision. In the meantime, OBS will make sure that the split in costs of producing TSLL has been properly allocated (70% = TS, 30% = OBS) and review past financial statements to ensure that the allocation has been correct in the past.

5. Strategic Planning implementation: To maintain momentum in implementing the OBS Strategic Plan, some specific activities were identified:

a.) Anne Myers (working with the SIS committees) will create an FAQ section on the website

b.) The OBS Education Committee will explore ways to solicit ideas from the membership and develop a list of speakers in preparation for the AALL Annual Meeting in Boston

c.) A discussion ensued about how to better involve the OBS standing committees in the education process, to avoid the problem of non-active members on the committees. A suggestion was made to improve communication with the committees by sending regular email messages to them to strengthen communication.

5. AALL Seattle meeting assignments:

a.) Alphabet Soup Reception � Ruth Patterson Funabiki

b.) OBS Activities Table - Ruth Patterson Funabiki

c.) OBS giveaway - Ruth Patterson Funabiki

d.) CONNELL � Mary Jane Kelsey

6. OBS Finances

Mary Jane Kelsey opened a discussion of OBS finances and some possible ways to increase our budget. Some of the suggestions were:

a.) Grants from vendors. There is a mechanism for applying for grants through AALL Headquarters from vendors to support SIS activities. The annual research grant might be a good candidate for vendor support, especially from either OCLC or RLIN. The bibliographic utilities may also be persuaded to support OBS Standing Committee Chairs to attend the annual OCLC and RLIN meetings. Another possibility may be getting vendor support for the production of the OBS brochure.

b.) Silent auctions. The idea was discussed for the possibility of an OBS silent auction as is done by other groups within AALL. Because of the difficulty of arranging for gift donations and the logistics of holding the auction, it was decided not to pursue this option for OBS at the present time.

c.) Campaign for new members. Because OBS finances are dependent on the number of members, increasing SIS membership would be an obvious goal for OBS. Suggestions were made for soliciting new members through law-lib, sending the OBS brochure to the CONNELL participants from the Orlando meeting and using the business cards that were dropped off at the OBS Activities table for the raffle as a potential list of new members.

7. Mary Jane Kelsey announced that the members of the Nominations Committee would be Ellen McGrath (Chair), Anna Belle Leiserson and Susan Chinoransky.

8. The deadline for the SIS news column in upcoming Spectrum issues is:

September � no SIS columns

October � August 15, 2002

November � September 6, 2002

December � October 4, 2002

Meeting adjourned.