OBS SIS 2001-2002 Board Meeting Minutes - July 2002

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Minutes of the Online Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section
2001-2002 Board Meeting

Saturday, July 20, 2002
Orlando, Florida

Attending: Mary Jane Kelsey, Ismael Gullon, Judy Vaughn-Sterling, Ellen McGrath, Susan Chinoransky, Richard Jost (late)

1. At least 40 bags of candy were distributed at CONELL in Orlando, along with pencils and brochures. The attendance at CONELL was approximately 85.

2. The OBS book raffle was announced for 11:30am on Tuesday, July 23. The winner did not have to be present to win.

3. Ellen McGrath printed 200 copies of the OBS brochure at her library�s expense. It was deemed too expensive to have AALL make the copies of the brochure through their printing services.

4. Ismael Gullon announced that the current OBS budget has a balance of $69.00 left, after the estimated Orlando meeting costs are deducted. Because OBS has not paid for all the TSLL issues yet, this will need to be a frugal year.

5. Mary Jane Kelsey reported on the SIS leadership training that she attended. Highlights included:

a.) Other SIS's have successfully used silent auction as a way of raising funds, so Mary Jane suggested that OBS should explore the idea of a silent auction.

b.) Based on the suggestion that SIS's should create a funding wish list, Mary Jane came up with the idea that a wish list for OBS would include the possibility of getting vendor grants to help fund the OCLC and RLIN committee chairs attendance at the bibliographic utilities annual meetings.

c.) Some program sessions were chosen to be videotaped by West for inclusion on their westlegaledcenter.com with AALL receiving 10% of the profits.

d.) Each SIS will be highlighted in Spectrum, although this feature may not start immediately.

6. Brian Striman reported on the research grant activities:

a.) The committee has asked Larry Dershem to produce extensible LC classification

b.) The joint grant recipients (Susan Goldner and Lorraine Lorne) will be working on an index to TSLL. It should be possible to get a grant to print the index.

c.) Chris Long volunteered to become the Research & Publications columnist (pending approval by the TSLL Board) and moderator of the Research Roundtable at AALL Annual Meetings.

d.) No grant was awarded this year (there was one potential candidate but Brian�s email crashed and he was not able to track down the potential candidate�s name).

7. Brian Striman reported on the AMPC meeting in his role as liaison to the SISs:

a.) The Sunday programs for the SISs will continue. The focus on programs in Seattle will be teaching, collections & care, and technology.

b.) AMPC is not looking for the quantity of programs from each SIS but the quality of each program that is submitted.

c.) The program proposals should try to incorporate the Seattle meeting theme� --�Maximizing today, envisioning tomorrow�

d.) AMPC will be having 30 minute time slots for the Seattle meeting, along with the traditional 60, 75, and 90 minute programs.

8. TSLL Volume 28 deadlines:

No. 1 (September 2002) � August 15, 2002

No. 2 (December 2002) � October 30, 2002

No. 3 (March 2003) � January 31, 2003

No. 4 (June 2003) � April 30, 2003)

Meeting adjourned

The minutes for this meeting were taken by Judy Vaughan-Sterling and prepared by Richard Jost