OBS-SIS Annual Report, 2002/2003

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The section kicked off the 2002 Annual Meeting with the traditional TS/OBS/RIPS/CS-SIS Joint Reception at the Orlando Convention Center.

The Executive Board of OBS-SIS for 2002/03 consisted of Mary Jane Kelsey, Chair; Kevin Butterfield, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect; Ismael Gullon, Past Chair; Richard Jost, Secretary/Treasurer; Judith A. Vaughan-Sterling and Ruth Funabiki, members-at-large.

The committee chairs were Kevin Butterfield, Education; George Prager, Local Systems; Ellen McGrath, Nominations; Michael Maben, OCLC; Brian Quigley, RLIN; and Anne Myers, Web Advisory. Eloise Vondruska chaired the Joint Research Grant Committee and Chris Long served as Research Roundtable Coordinator. Susan Goldner served her second year as MARBI representative. Mary Jane Kelsey served as Chair of the Education Committee for Seattle (2003) and Kevin Butterfield continues to serve as chair for Boston (2004).

In her TSLL column, the Chair continued to advance the OBS Strategic Directions particularly Education and Communication. In response to the West challenge grant, OBS donated $200, 12% of its income, to the George A. Strait Minority Scholarship.

OBS sponsored five programs at the 2003 AALL Annual Meeting in Seattle: "Envisioning Tomorrow's Catalog: A View for Outside the Library," "Open Linking and E-Journal Management: Strategies for Maximizing Your Investment in Electronic Resources Today," "Connected to the Future: OCLC's Connexion," "Two Stepping with Technology" and MARBI Report co-sponsored with TS-SIS.

Kevin Butterfield conducted the annual membership survey via the OBS Web site; results were published in the March 2003 issue of TSLL and were also posted on the Web site. Richard Jost, Secretary/Treasurer, posted the OBS slate of candidates' biographical information via the Web site. New officers for 2003/04 are Georgia Brisco, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect; Michael Maben, Secretary/Treasurer; and Andrea Rabbia, member-at- large.

Mary Jane Kelsey, Chair