OBS-SIS Annual Report, 2007/2008

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Submitted by: Andrea Rabbia, OBS-SIS Chair 2007-08

The Online Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section (OBS-SIS) was led by a board consisting of Andrea Rabbia, Chair; Michael Maben, Vice Chair; Mary Strouse, Secretary/Treasurer; Members at Large, Corinne Jacox and Susan Karpuk; and Susan Goldner, Past-Chair. Janet McKinney and Ellen McGrath served as the representatives to the Technical Services Law Librarian Board; George Praeger served as representative to MARBI; and Phyllis Post served as representative to OCLC.

The standing committees were chaired by Andrea Rabbia and Michael Maben, Education (2008 and 2009 Annual Meetings, respectively); Richard Jost, Nominating; Elaine Bradshaw, Local Systems; Keiko Okuhara and Ming Lu, OCLC/RLIN; Ruth Funabiki, OBS/TS Joint Research Grant; and Kevin Butterfield, Web Advisory. Special committees were chaired by Pat Callahan, Record Sharing; and Susan Goldner, Bylaws and Governance.

OBS-SIS highlights from 2007-08:

  1. In fall 2007, at the request of OBS-SIS, AALL President Ann T. Fessenden appointed Phyllis Post as temporary OCLC representative. Ms. Post attended the October 2007, February 2008 and May 2008 OCLC Members Council Meetings in Dublin, Ohio. Permanent representation will be considered in 2010.
  2. The OBS chair coordinated with OCLC, AALL and Karen Selden at the University of Colorado Law Library to create the "American Association of Law Libraries OBS-SIS Legal Websites" as a WorldCat Collection set, which provides visibility to both AALL and OBS-SIS in OCLC.
  3. The Special Committee on Bylaws and Governance completely revised the OBS-SIS bylaws, the OBS Calendar of Activities and also began revising the OBS Procedures Manual. The bylaws were pre-approved by the AALL Bylaws Committee in April 2008 and will be voted on at the OBS Annual Meeting in Portland. Work on the OBS Procedures Manual will continue.
  4. The Special Committee on Record Sharing drafted an outline of ethical guidelines for record sharing and has begun to craft that outline into a set of formal guidelines.
  5. OBS became the first AALL SIS page on facebook. The OBS-SIS: Online Bibliographic Services Special Interest Section of AALL page on facebook brings OBS-SIS more visibility; allows members to become fans of OBS; announces events, programs, useful resources; and connects OBS-SIS fans together.
  6. The Web Advisory committee began a complete review of the OBS website. The committee has also agreed to take over maintenance of the OBS page on facebook.
  7. Four OBS members volunteered to review, comment and provide vote recommendations to Mary Alice Baish regarding the following NISO standards: Kevin Butterfield (ISO/PDTR 26102), Emily Carr (ISO/DTR 28118), George Prager (ISO/DIS 8459), and Mila Rush (ISO NWI & ISO/FDIS 9707).
  8. OBS-SIS sponsored 11 program proposals for the 2008 Annual Meeting, five of which were accepted. OBS-SIS also co-sponsored one SCCLL program proposal that was accepted.
    1. Encore, Enterprise, Primo & WorldCat Local: Explore the Evolving Discovery Tools for Your Catalog
    2. The Good, The Bad, the Ugly: Rethinking Bibliographic Services in the 21st Century
    3. Explore the Effective Use of Cataloger's Desktop
    4. Explore the Effective Use of Classification Web
    5. Exploring Relevancy Ranking Systems in Search Engines on the Web and in our OPACs: What They Are--How They Work
    6. Using WorldCat.org's Social Software to Promote the Law Library [co-sponsoring SCLL-SIS's program]
  9. The OBS-SIS board agreed to self-sponsor three additional programs at the 2008 Annual Meeting.
    1. All Good. No Bad, No Ugly. Options for Bibliographic Control in the 21st Century
    2. Demystifying Batch-Load Analysis: What You Need to Know About Vendor-Supplied Bibliographic Records (*co-sponsored and co-funded by TS)
    3. You want me to do what? Bridging the gulf and building understanding between technical services and public services managers
  10. For the 2008 Annual Meeting, Corinne Jacox coordinated the OBS table in the exhibit hall and Susan Karpuk co-coordinated the Alphabet Soup reception.
  11. Mary Strouse ran our third electronic election this year. The newly elected officers for 2008-09 are Patricia Sayre McCoy, Vice Chair/Chair-Elect; and Elaine Bradshaw, Member at Large.

Andrea Rabbia, Chair