OBS SIS Research - FROG (Funding Research Opportunities Grant)

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Application Process and Guidelines


Grant materials need to be completed and sent via email or paper to the JRGC Chair by April 30th, 2014 to be eligible for grant consideration.

Complete applications consist of the following pieces:

1. Project Description
2. Budget
3. Contact information for two references
4. JRG Grant Agreement

Project Description

The web form will prompt you to fill in the following information.

A. Title of the project
The project title should be concise and descriptive of the content and clearly listed at the beginning of the project description.

B. Project topic and scope
Briefly describe the project topic and scope. The topic must be of importance to technical services law librarianship with implications for the profession. The topic may determine the appropriate "rigor" expected of the research. Topics for research could also be compared against the most current technical services topics in the AALL Research Agenda document.

C. Goals and objectives of the research
Discuss the research "problem" and its significance. Originality and significance of the topic being addressed should be placed in context via literature review and/or research survey of the field. Goals and objectives should be enumerated and clearly defined.

D. Research design and methodology
Include a sound and clearly stated plan of research including the detailed description of research methods to be applied. Be sure to include clear objectives and measurable results as well as specific project tasks and projected completion dates.

E. Proposed means of disseminating the results
In conclusion, discuss plans for disseminating results including specific references to potential conferences and publications.


The budget section should include an enumeration of supplies, materials, travel, computer-related printing, on-line research, and mailings. Also, a statement of other monetary resources provided personally or by the employer or other organizations should be included. Outlines, timelines, and graphs are encouraged to clarify the planned use of the award.


Included with the grant applications should be two letters of reference.

References will be contacted and asked the following questions:

  1. How many years have you known the applicant?
  2. What is your professional relationship to the applicant (e.g., professor, supervisor, colleague)?
  3. Please reflect on the feasibility of the applicant's proposed project.
  4. Please address the applicant's ability to carry out the project in the allotted time?

JRGC Agreement Form

The last part of the application includes a series of check box-based agreements. All boxes must be checked for the application to be considered valid.

If you have any questions about the application process or any of the application documents, please email the JRGC Chair, Kerry Skinner at kerry.skinner@asu.edu.

For more information about the grant see: The Joint Research Grant Committee: http://www.aallnet.org/sections/obs/committees/joint-research-grant-committee.