Knowledge Management

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The PLLIP-SIS KM Group is comprised of Law Librarians who are interested in advancing Knowledge Management principles and practices within their private law firm environment.

The group seeks to foster knowledge-sharing best practices related to connecting our users with the people, information and knowledge they need to deliver superior client service.


  • Foster a community of law library professionals involved in KM to share best practices, facilitate professional development and track industry trends.
  • Promoting KM as a discipline within the Law Librarian profession.
  • Establishing Law librarian professionals as uniquely qualified information professionals to support KM initiatives.
  • KM Law Librarians are responsible for: 
    Creating and implementing methodologies for content management 
    Aligning internal and external information with the strategic initiatives of the firm 
    Managing the firm's research intranet/portal 
    Implementing internal knowledge databases 
    Consulting on new technologies such as information and work product retrieval, desk top imaging requirements, document management systems, enterprise search engines and mobile technologies. 


Scott D. Bailey, Co-Chair and Board Liaison

June Liebert, Co-Chair

Carolyn Petrie

Terri DiCenzo

Patricia Barbone

Kumar Jayasuriya

Anna Irvin

Leanna Simon


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