RIPS Programs 1991-1998

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  • Implementing MacCrate: Moving Toward a New Horizon in Legal Research Competence
  • Resistance Doesn't Have To Be Futile or Frustrating: How to Ease Your Reluctant Partner, Professor, or Judge Toward New Horizons in Technology
  • Broadening the Horizon: Evaluating the Use of For-Profit, Web-Based Legal Information Databases
  • Spanning the Horizon: Accommodating Different Learning Styles in Legal Research Teaching
  • The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts: Team Building in "Our Library"
    (Co-sponsored by the PLL, SCCLL, ALL, CS, FCIL, MAV, OBS, LHRB, LISP, GD, TS, and SR Special Interest Sections.)
  • New Horizons For Disabled Patrons and Staff: Where Are We Now With the ADA?
  • "My Dinner With GPO." (Co-sponsored by the Government Relations Committee and the Government Documents SIS)


  • From Nutshells to Netscape: Covering the Basics Through Research Instruction Programs (co-sponsored)
  • Taking a Step Back: How to Deal with Difficult and Demanding People
  • Measuring Legal Competence From Nutshells to Netscape: Covering the Details in Advanced Legal Research Courses (co-sponsored)
  • Will There Be Chaos on the Waterfront? Implementation of a Medium-Neutral, Vendor-Neutral Citation Format
  • United on the Waterfront: Building Relationships and Fostering Cooperation Among Law Librarians of All Types
  • How to Keep Your Library Afloat: Developing and Selling a Workable Budget in Treacherous Waters
  • Teaching Legal Research in the Digital Age: Are We Really Covering All the Waterfronts? (co-sponsored)


  • Touring the Exhibit Hall: What is the Message?
  • Who's Counting? Who Cares? Delivering the Message with Statistics (co-sponsored)
  • Solving Foreign and International Requests with Sources in Your Library (co-sponsored)
  • The Management Message: Teams and TQM


  • Copyright in the Electronic Environment - Will It Be Just?
  • Contu II and the Information Superhighway
  • Benchmarks in Court Automation - Technology in the Courts: Issues and Innovations [Parts 1 & 2]
  • Preparing New Law Librarians for the Information Age: Training and Education for Reference Work [Parts 1 & 2]
  • Human Rights Resources and Humanitarian Field Organizations: The Hidden Resources (co-sponsored)
  • Researching Government Contract Law: A Guide Through the Maze
  • The Answer and the Process: Coordinating Reference and Instructional Services


  • Environmental Law in the 1990s: Hazardous Waste Law [Parts 1 & 2] (co-sponsored)
  • Alternatives to 9-5: Changing the Work Environment, or Can I Have My Cake and Eat It Too? (co-sponsored)
  • The Changing Environment of Litigation: Alternative Dispute Resolution (co-sponsored)
  • "The Price is Mutually Agreeable": The Legal Research Gameshow (co-sponsored by the Research Instruction Caucus)
  • Rethinking Reference: Positioning Reference for a New Environment (co-sponsored)
  • Legal Research for the Non-Law Librarian: Programs and Pitfalls (co-sponsored)


  • From Kudos to Chaos? Assessing the Teaching of Advanced Legal Research
  • Empowering Summer Associates to Achieve Their Full Potential [Parts 1 & 2] (co-sponsored by the Research Instruction Caucus)
  • Grants As Alternative Funding Sources: Fiscal Survival for the Next Generation (co-sponsored)
  • Putting the Next Generation in Touch With a Past Generation: Colonial Legal Systems and Materials
  • TQM: How Total Quality Management Works in the Delivery of Legal Services (co-sponsored by the Research Instruction Caucus)
  • Workshop on Moving Forward: Reconceptualizing Resources and Services in Recessionary Times (co-sponsored)


  • The Art of Reference Service: Accountability and Quality Control (co-sponsored)
  • Unauthorized Practice of Law: Can you Stop Worrying and Help the Patron? (co-sponsored)
  • Training with Multi-Media, Computers and Other Gadgets (co-sponsored by the Research Instruction Caucus)
  • Behind the Scenes with the ADA: An Inside Account of How the Americans With Disabilities Act Came Into Being and How it Can Affect Libraries Dealing with Disabled Patrons


  • Teaching Legal Research to the MTV Generation (co-sponsored by the Research Instruction Caucus)
  • The Paralegal as Patron


  • "Glasnost" at the Reference Desk
  • The Problem Patron: Transforming Foes into Friends (co-sponsored)
  • Negotiation for Librarians: Can You Avoid Confrontation and Still Maintain Your Self-Respect?


In the News: The Process of Reporting Legal Developments on Television and in the Newspapers
Development of and Access to Foreign Legal Databases


  • Performance Testing of Computer-Assisted Legal Research Systems


  • The Law School Computer Lab: What is the Library's Role? (co-sponsored)


  • Teaching Research Skills: How Successful Are We?


  • Workshop on Electronic Formats, Collection Development and Public Services: Developing an Interface (co-sponsored)


  • Who Needs a Law Degree
  • Preparing Library Staff for Automation


  • Librarians as Managers: Professional Issues in Circulation Services


  • Lay Users in the Law Library
  • Non-Law Bibliographic Needs of the Law Practitioner


  • 2001 Odyssey: Reference Libraries in a Time of Change