RIPS Programs 1999

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Electronic Reserves: At the Crossroads of Document Access and Technology 
Coordinator & Moderator: D.R. Jones

Electronic Reserve Systems provide students with electronic access to course materials.A representative of a library that has an active and well-developed electronic reserve system will describe that system, the positive and negative aspects of operating such a system, and how an electronic reserve system might relate to the use of faculty web pages. In addition, an expert on copyright law will discuss the application of copyright to the use of electronic reserves and will discuss how to draft guidelines for use of electronic reserves at a time when the law governing this area is uncertain.

Meeting "Them" at the Crossroads: How to Motivate and Nurture Student Workers
Coordinator, Moderator & Speaker: Kelly Browne

Student workers are an integral component of law libraries. They perform many tasks, including the routine and monotonous, but important, ones. Student workers often are the first individuals met by a patron and their interactions form the basis for the patron's opinions. Are student workers late? Do they eat and drink in the library despite the rule against it in 24-point type above the circulation desk? Do they "practice law" by answering legal questions? Do they give different answers to questions about the library depending on whether a friend or a stranger asks? Do they surf the net at work? Do they talk to each other instead of to patrons? How do you motivate people who make minimum wage and are only working at your library for a semester or two? Join us for an Oprah Winfrey-type talk show in which a disgruntled student worker tells his side of the story and two successful circulation supervisors tell us about techniques that work.� You will even get the chance to ask our experts a question when the interviewer takes the microphone into the audience!