RIPS Programs 2006

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Customer Service Training
The first library staff member a patron usually sees is not always a librarian and not always a staff member who has good customer service skills. While we might teach our student workers how to read call numbers and how to use the photocopier, we sometimes forget that we must also teach them how to answer questions politely and how to address the general concerns of our users. At this roundtable, we will  discuss and discover new ways to effectively impart good customer service ideals to  paraprofessionals and student workers by talking about what we’re currently doing, identifying strategies that work and don’t work, and developing some benchmarks for future training programs.   

Patron Services in the Digital Age
Technology has allowed librarians to deliver information to patrons without ever actually meeting face-to-face. Most discussions on the "future of libraries" and integrating technology into the library focus on information delivery formats or standards. At this roundtable we will discuss how technology can be used to improve patron services. Besides getting information to our customers faster, are there any ways in which technology can improve or change patron services? We hope to explore all aspects of patron services, but will specifically address, ILL, electronic reserves, circulation & the electronic distribution of general announcements.