Committee Chairs 2000-2001

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Web Page Committee
Chair: Pamela Melton
Coleman Karesh Law Library
Charge: Develop and maintain the RIPS SIS web page.
Public Relations and Recruitment Committee
Chair: Peggy McDermott
St. Louis University Law Library
Charge: Publicize RIPS activities in AALL and other relevant publications, and devise effective methods to help recruit and retain new SIS members.

Research Instruction Committee
Chair: Darcy Kirk
University of Connecticut
School of Law Library
Charge: Review the "Core Legal Research Competencies" report prepared by RIC and identify methods to implement and assess the recommendations contained therein.
Patron Services Committee
Chair: Jessie Cranford
University of Arkansas at Little Rock Pulaski County Law Library
Charge: Identify needs in patron services areas, including reference, circulation, document delivery, and ILL that can be met by the RIPS SIS, and devise methods to help fill those needs. Roundtables for annual meeting.

Program Committee
Chair: D.R. Jones
Case Western Reserve University
Law Library
Charge: Identify potential programs for the AALL annual meeting, draft written proposals, and recruit SIS members to help coordinate programs.
Nominations Committee
Chair: Joan Shear
Boston College Law School
Law Library
Charge: Identify potential candidates to run for RIPS offices.

Listserv Committee
Chair:  Coral Henning
Sacramento County Law Library
Charge: Maintain the RIPS listserv.

Volunteerism Committee
Chair: Matthew Wright
University of Nevada Law Vegas Law Library
Charge: Identify opportunities to volunteer and encourage volunteers.

Coordinator:  Marc Silverman
University of Pittsburgh
Barco Law Library

Coordinator:  Jessie Cranford
University of Arkansas at Little Rock
School of Law

Bylaws Revision
Coordinator: Barbara Bintliff
Library Director and
Associate Professor of Law
University of Colorado Law Library
Dinsintermediation Task Force
Coordinator: Gail Partin
Pensylvania State University
Dickenson School of Law