Health Law Class

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David Bachman
Senior Legal Information Librarian
Boston University Pappas Law Library
765 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA  02215

The class consisted of 5 class sessions, each 2-1/2 hours in length. The site has a separate tab for each class session, including an assignment and detailed outline, and subsidiary pages with links, instructive and descriptive content, and in-class exercises for students to submit answers. The class was tailored to topics and materials relevant in the weeks it was taught, but materials could be adapted and different examples used to illustrate the covered materials, including: federal legislation and regulations, case law, legislative history, state law materials, international health organization sites, secondary sources, research platforms such as BNA and CCH, and current awareness tools. I think most of the content is fairly self-explanatory. The most complete description of the material covered in each class is set out in the detailed outline for each session. There was no final examination, but the last class had an in-class exercise designed to require students to use many of the resources covered during the 5 class sessions.