Researching Immigration Administrative Law

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Karen Breda
Legal Information Librarian & Lecturer
Boston College Law School
885 Centre Street
Newton, MA 02459

I created the Researching Immigration Law PowerPoint as a resource for Boston College Law School students participating in the Immigration Law Moot Court Competition.  The PowerPoint provides the following:  i) an overview of agency decisions; ii) an overview of administrative and judicial review of agency decisions, with a focus on proceedings before the Board of Immigration Appeals; iii) a list of 23 federal government agencies and offices involved in regulating immigration in the United States, with website links; and, iv) a pathfinder of print and electronic resources for finding the decisions of those agencies.  The lecture can be used to guide students (and lawyers new to immigration law) through the complex federal immigration system.  It is particularly useful for those who haven’t taken administrative law who might otherwise find the layers and variations of the Chevron Doctrine confusing.