Mattson Online Legal Research Handout

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Ingrid Mattson
Reference Librarian & Adjunct Professor
Moritz Law Library
Drinko Hall Room 280E
55 West 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

This handout originally accompanied a presentation on the Fundamentals of Online Legal Research. However, because the handout was intended to supplement the presentation rather than allow the audience to follow along, the handout could be used in any circumstance where a patron needs basic search strategy advice and some starting points for his or her online research. The handout is comprised of three sets of information. The first includes definitions of natural language and Boolean searching and illustrates how the two search approaches compare. It also provides links to websites that will enable the audience-member to learn more if they are advanced users or help them along if they are just learning. The second part identifies resources for online legal research and articles to provide more information. The third part identifies resources for general online research and articles to provide more information.