Jonjak Cloud Computing

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Stosh Jonjak
Research Services Librarian
Reed Smith
225 Fifth Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Cloud Computing, Mobile Tech & Legal Apps

The overarching goal of this presentation is to give its audience an understanding about the macro innovations that have shaped modern technology and, through reviewing and discussing the latest mobile legal research apps, how these innovations are affecting law librarianship.   

The presentation starts with how “The Cloud” has fundamentally changed our technological environment. Next, we examine how “The Cloud” led to the rise of mobility, how mobility led to the production of apps, and how apps have impacted the practice of law. We examine mobile apps by first focusing on the approach the following big vendors are taking with their deployments: Westlaw, Lexis, CCH & Wolters Kluwer, fastcase, Bloomberg Law, Bloomberg BNA, and Hein Online. After that, we examine a bevy of independently-produced apps that fit into the following categories: current awareness, organization & presentation, jury selection, docket research, eReading, news aggregation, and more. Lastly, we cover general-interest apps and information sources that provide reviews and updates on late-breaking legal research apps.