2014 Annual Report

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Annual Report of
American Association of Law Libraries Liaison to
Subject Analysis Committee

Submitted by Suzanne Graham

Genre/Form Headings: SAC continues to work through the creation of genre/form terms with constituent groups. Lists of music, religion, and literature terms are currently in process with drafts anticipated early next year.

Yael Mandelstam chairs the subgroup compiling and organizing general genre/form terms, those with overarching or non-specific fields. It has compiled a preliminary list of general genre/form terms. Approved terms might be available for use this fall.

The law community completed its initial list of terms in 2011, but additional terms and modifications are encouraged. These may be submitted through the SACO Law Funnel or directly to Library of Congress via Minaret by SACO members.

The Genre/Form Implementation subcommittee of SAC hopes to compile a best practices document similar to the Subject Cataloging Manual (SCM) to assist in genre/form assignment.

LCMPT: In February, the Library of Congress released the LC Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music (LCMPT)-a project pursued cooperatively by SAC and the Music Library Association. This initial list has over 800 terms. MLA issued best practices guidance on using the terms in April.

751: SAC had proposed using 751 field in bibliographic records to store the place/origin characteristics of genre/form terms that are being moved from 650s (which could be subdivided geographically) to 655s (which cannot). However, MAC has approved the 370 field for both bibliographic and authority records for this purpose.

RDA Implementation: The RDA Implementation subcommittee reworked and resubmitted a draft addressing subject analysis in RDA with specific language for the relevant chapters (particularly chapter 23). The committee forwarded the proposal to Kathy Glennan, ALA representative to RDA Joint Steering Committee, for consideration at the Steering Committee's November 2014 meeting.

OCLC FAST: OCLC continues to mass produce FAST headings in records based on LCSH. OCLC does not expect libraries to update FAST headings if they become out-of-synch with current LCSH changes (and incorrect). OCLC is doing ongoing maintenance of these terms, but when we find errors we may remove the FAST field's subfield o to push these records back into the queue.

Software headings: Software products belong in the name authority file, not in subject headings. Subclasses KIA-KIK, Law of Indigenous Peoples in North America, were adopted into ClassWeb on June 2, but these numbers are still subject to change without notice in monthly lists. LC will make an announcement when KIA-KIK and KF8200+ have been approved for use.

ClassWeb Interface: LC will release a new look and feel for ClassWeb on early fall.

Geographic Heading Changes: Malaysia is no longer one of the special federations that require only city/country subdivisions (without intermediary states) in name authority file and in geographic subdivisions. "Cabo Verde" replaces "Cape Verde," and South Australia is now represented as "S.A."

385/386: Janis Young, Library of Congress Policy Standards Division, continues to make progress outlining the creation of a new controlled vocabulary for demographic terms to be used in the 385 and 386 fields (Library of Congress Demographic Group Term and Code List, $2 lcdgt). SAC still supports the creation of this vocabulary and will assist with the creation of the initial list if solicited.

"Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus for Music (LCMPT)" presentation by Hermine Vermeij, Casey Mullin, Nancy Lorimer, and Janis Young: Speakers provided a quick overview of the new performance thesaurus with a frank exchange of the challenges and fine granularity that music catalogers routinely engage in. Interesting questions raised about expanding the scope of this thesaurus beyond music to include other medium of performance (dance, performance art, etc.).