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TSLL 2008/2009 Annual Report

There were four issues published in volume 34, and these issues are available on the TSLL website in PDF format. With the completion of the conference issue (September 2008) edited by Brian Striman, Virginia Bryant assumed the position of editor-in-chief for TSLL, with Cindy May continuing as associate editor, Julie Stauffer continuing her layout and design responsibilities, and Martin Wisneski as web manager. Ably assisted by this dedicated staff, the new editor's immediate goal to return the publication of TSLL to a regular publication schedule was achieved.

After twelve years compiling the serials titles changes, Chris Tarr and Maggie McDonald ended their run with the December 2008 issue, but the column didn't miss a beat, with Barbara Bohl stepping forward to continue their work. One of the editor's primary goals this year was to fill the vacant columns. Some of the new columnists were set to begin writing for volume 34, while others when asked graciously agreed to author a column. Acquisitions (last written in June 2007 by Kevin Butterfield) was filled by Trina Robinson, Collection Development (last written by Margie Maes in June 2008) was filled by Courtney Selby, Description and Entry (last written in March 2006 by George Prager) was filled by Robert Bratton, Management (last written by Caitlin Robinson in March 2008) was filled by Karen Douglas, Private Law Libraries (last written in March 2008 by Donna Rosinski-Kauz) was filled by Beth Geesey Holmes, and Research and Publications (last written by Chris Long in June 2006) was filled by Hollie White. Just when the editor thought the columns were set, new opportunities emerged. Well regarded Internet columnist, Kevin Butterfield, accepted a position at the University of Richmond's main library. Several more replacement authors also will be needed as Monica Kauppi steps down as classification coeditor, and Ellen McGrath, a major contributor to the TechScans column, leaves big shoes to fill. All of these columnists mentioned, as well as those faithful continuing columnists, deserve our thanks and applause for their outstanding work on TSLL.

In addition to the regular columns, volume 34 also offered several special articles about current practices in law libraries, including topics on improving the catalog and changing series authority control practices. The editor would like to encourage more librarians to write short articles about ways they have dealt with current issues in their libraries as a means of sharing that information with their colleagues.

A late development this year is a proposal from Hein to include TSLL in a special library within HeinOnline that Hein seeks to develop for acquisitions, cataloging, and other academic technical services librarians. Both TS-SIS and OBS-SIS boards and AALL will consider Hein's proposal, which would make past and current content in TSLL more accessible.

Submitted by
Virginia Bryant
TSLL Editor-in-Chief
Chair, TSLL Editorial Board