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TSLL Annual Report Covering July 2010-July 2011

TSLL volume 36 had four issues, published in PDF format, and is available on the TSLL website, and on HeinOnline at http://www.heinonline.org/HOL/Index?index=lcc/tsll&collection=journals. Virginia Bryant completed her third year as TSLL's editor-in-chief grateful for the continuing excellent assistance provided by Cindy May, associate editor; Julie Stauffer, layout and design; and Martin Wisneski, web manager. Each issue was available on schedule thanks to the dedicated columnists and the conscientious TSLL staff who consistently met their deadlines. Thanks are also due to the faithful TSLL TechScans blog contributors who've posted over 75 entries since July to keep readers informed about the latest trends and technology tools.

This year TSLL weathered a major columnist change with Marie Whited's retirement in December 2010. For the past sixteen years Marie co-authored or contributed her extensive knowledge on classification to the column. TSLL was indeed fortunate to have Lia Contursi agree to step in, and without missing an issue she and Kate Wilko provided an excellent "Classification" column on international criminal law and procedure. Several other columnist changes occurred throughout the year. Yuxin Li as incoming chair of the OCLC Committee wrote the "OCLC" column. The vacant "Serials Issues" column was filled in December 2010 by Chris Hudson, and in June TSLL welcomed Allison Rainey as columnist for "Private Law Libraries," which became vacant with Beth Holmes's resignation. There will be some upcoming columnist changes. TSLL is indeed sorry to lose Courtney Selby's take on collection development, but congratulate her most heartily on her move to the directorship of Deane Law Library, Hofstra University Law School. Beginning with the December issue Karen Nuckolls will assume the "Collection Development" column. For the past two years, readers have certainly appreciated the sage advice offered by Karen Douglas, who has decided to step down as columnist for "Management." TSLL thanks Karen for her insightful contributions.

In addition to the regular columns, volume 36 also offered several special articles. Topics included institutional repositories and technical services, implementing the Durham Statement with digital archiving, and providing library services via cloud computing. The September issue featured program reports from AALL's Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, for which sixteen volunteers reported on programs they attended. The editor continues to urge more use of TSLL as a venue for sharing information among the TS-SIS and OBS-SIS membership. If your technical services department has taken on new responsibilities, or changed cataloging procedures to implement RDA, or you've embarked on a sabbatical, etc.–tell us all about it!

Last year's annual report noted that AALL signed a three year agreement with Hein to include TSLL in HeinOnline. Hein added TSLL to its "Law Journal Library," but to take advantage its much improved indexing it is best to search TSLL in Hein's "Law Librarian's Reference Library" using the advanced search option.

The TSLL Structure and Policies document was revised and brought up-to-date this year, prompted by the committee reviewing TS-SIS's handbook, which has a section covering TSLL. Changes in the document were reviewed and approved by the TSLL Editorial Board and the Executive Boards of both TS-SIS and OBS-SIS in February 2011. TSLL Structure and Policies is available on the TSLL website at http://www.aallnet.org/sis/tssis/tsll/policies/, and both TS-SIS and OBS-SIS are linked to the document so any future revisions need only to be made in one place. TSLL Stylistic Conventions and the TSLL Author Guide were revised in April 2011 and appear on the TSLL website as well.

My thanks to Jim Mumm, Ellen McGrath, Janet Hedin, and Gwen Gregory who've served on the TSLL Editorial Board with me for the past three years. It's been my pleasure to work with them, the columnists, the TechScans contributors coordinated by Corinne Jacox, and the TSLL staff. I especially want to thank Cindy May for her superb contributions to TSLL for the past thirteen years, first as business manager and current associate editor extraordinaire.

Submitted by
Virginia Bryant
TSLL Editor-in-Chief
Chair, TSLL Editorial Board