Professional Development Committee

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The Professional Development Committee is appointed to plan and implement continuing education activities in any format that promote technical services-related professional development outside of the AALL annual meeting.

The committee oversees all of the various aspects related to planning, coordinating, and implementing professional development activities, including creating professional development programs and workshops, applying for grants (e.g., AALL/BNA Continuing Education Grants) if appropriate, and evaluating the activities. The committee also informs TS-SIS members of technical services-related continuing education opportunities developed by other organizations.


The TS-SIS board created this committee November 12, 2009 to replace the Ad Hoc Committee on Professional Development.


The committee chair and at least four other members are appointed by the TS-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect with the approval of the TS-SIS Executive Board. The members of the Professional Development Committee serve for a term of two years. Committee members may be reappointed for more than one term.

The TS-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect appoints two members each year so terms are staggered.


The committee chair:

  • Solicits program/workshop ideas from other members of the committee and/or the TS-SIS membership as a whole.
  • Calls meetings as needed to accomplish the work of the committee.
  • Serves as grants coordinator and is responsible for meeting grant requirements if one is received, or delegates these duties to another committee member.
  • Meets with the committee at the annual meeting to coordinate activities for the coming year.
  • Reports briefly on the committee's activities at the TS-SIS Business Meeting during the annual meeting.
  • Submits a written report detailing the committee's activities to the TS-SIS Chair by June 15.

Revised July 2011