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The TS-SIS Chair is elected to a three-year term, serving as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, then Chair, and finally Past Chair. The three-year term allows the individual to prepare to take over as Chair and then to assure continuity in the succeeding year's board.

AALL's SIS Handbook provides information about the relationship between special interest sections and AALL. It is the chair's responsibility to read the handbook and to see that SIS actions are in compliance with AALL policy.

AALL Responsibilities

  • Serves as the TS-SIS contact with AALL headquarters, with the chair of the SIS Council, and with the AALL Board's liaison to TS-SIS.
  • Serves as the spokesperson for information requested about TS-SIS from both within and outside AALL.
  • Prepares agenda items relevant to TS-SIS for the fall and spring AALL board meetings, including requests for special funding (fall) or the appointment of official representatives (spring).
  • Represents TS-SIS at the SIS Council meeting.
  • Represents TS-SIS at the CONELL Marketplace just prior to the AALL annual meeting, or delegates another officer to do so, if necessary.
  • Submits an annual report on TS-SIS activities to the AALL Executive Director.

General SIS Responsibilities

  • Serves as chair of the TS-SIS Executive Board.
  • Communicates during the course of the year with TS-SIS officers and committee chairs on the business of the SIS.
  • Monitors the content and activity of the TS-SIS electronic discussion forum (, and advises the forum manager on any issues or possible improvements.
  • Appoints ad hoc committees with the approval of the TS-SIS Executive Board.
  • Together with the Secretary/Treasurer, reviews SIS budget statements received from AALL headquarters.
  • Approves section expenditures, following the guidelines in the TS-SIS "Policy on Expenditures" (see Related Documents II).
  • Notifies the membership of TS-SIS candidates for office and calls for nominations by petition via email by February 1.
  • Notifies all candidates of TS-SIS election results via phone by May 8.
  • Announces TS-SIS election results to the membership and to AALL via email, the TS-SIS website, and TSLL by May 15.
  • Assists in the periodic revision of the TS-SIS brochure.
  • Coordinates or assigns special projects of the SIS (e.g., strategic planning).
  • Sends thank you letters to donors who have contributed money for education grants.

TSLL Responsibilities

  • Together with the chair of OBS-SIS, monitors the issuance of TSLL.
  • Writes a column for each issue of TSLL published during the year.

Annual Meeting Responsibilities

  • Upon becoming TS-SIS Chair at the end of the TS-SIS Business Meeting, prepares the agenda and presides over the incoming TS-SIS Executive Board meeting.
  • Prepares the time schedule for all TS-SIS-sponsored activities at the AALL annual meeting, including section-sponsored substantive programs, business and board meetings, standing and ad hoc committee meetings, and roundtables.
  • Prepares the agenda and presides over the outgoing TS-SIS Executive Board meeting.
  • Prepares the agenda and presides over the TS-SIS Business Meeting.


  • May recommend candidates to become AALL official representatives to outside bodies, after consulting with the current chairs of the appropriate TS-SIS committees.
  • Appoints TS-SIS liaisons to AALL committees or other special interest sections as needed.
  • Confirms the appointments of the chairs of the standing and administrative committees with formal letters of appointment (see Sample Appointment Letter: Word version (23 KB) | PDF version (21 KB))

Revised July 2011