Past Chair

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The Past Chair is elected to a three-year term, serving as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, then Chair, and finally Past Chair. The three-year term allows the individual to prepare to take over as Chair and then to assure continuity in the succeeding year's board.


  • Serves as a member of the TS-SIS Executive Board.
  • Soon after the AALL annual meeting, sends thank you letters to TS-SIS officers and the officers' library directors acknowledging their contributions to TS-SIS during the previous year.
  • Chairs the TS-SIS Bylaws and Handbook Committee.
  • Acts in an advisory capacity to the TS-SIS Chair, assisting in the transition in leadership.
  • Attends the TS-SIS Business Meeting and the TS-SIS Executive Board meetings at the annual meeting. In the year that the Chair becomes Past Chair at the end of the business meeting, attends the incoming Executive Board meeting as Past Chair. In the following year, attends the outgoing Executive Board meeting.
  • Assists in any other way as needed or requested by the TS-SIS Chair.

Revised July 2011