Preservation Standing Committee Chair

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The Preservation Standing Committee is charged with focusing on measures to preserve legal information, in all formats, that is at risk due to deterioration, neglect or disaster and with addressing issues related to the preservation of and access to digital content. The Committee also serves as a resource on preservation for the American Association of Law Libraries.

Standing Committee Chair

The chair of the Preservation Standing Committee serves a two-year term and is appointed by the TS-SIS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect in consultation with the TS-SIS Executive Board in even-numbered years.

The standing committee chair:

  • Meeting attendance: Attends the TS-SIS Business Meeting and the incoming TS-SIS Executive Board meeting at the first AALL annual meeting after appointment. Attends the Business Meeting and both Board meetings the following year. Attends the outgoing Board meeting and the Business Meeting at the conclusion of the second year's term.
  • Sets the agendas and presides over the standing committee meetings held during the AALL annual meeting.
  • Serves as ex officio member of the TS-SIS Education Committee. Solicits and submits program and workshop ideas to the TS-SIS Education Committee for possible presentation at the AALL annual meeting, after discussion with committee members.
  • Appoints members who have expressed a desire to join the committee.
  • If additional members are needed, recruits from among TS-SIS members who might be interested in joining.
  • Appoints committee members to moderate any roundtables related to the committee by November 1. (See "Roundtables" for more details.)
  • Appoints subcommittees or working groups, as needed. At least one member of such a subcommittee or working group must also be a member of the standing committee.
  • Communicates with committee members at least once during the year to keep them informed of the activity of the committee, its subcommittees and working groups.
  • When relevant, reports on committee activities in TSLL or another AALL publication.
  • Maintains committee files and documents, transferring these to the AALL Archives when appropriate.
  • Submits written reports of the committee's activities to the TS-SIS Chair by June 15.
  • Presents brief verbal summaries of these reports at TS-SIS Executive Board and business meetings.

Standing Committee Members

In general, members of standing committees are expected to:

  • Read and respond to all communications from standing committee chair.
  • Consider and volunteer for opportunities to lead or serve on roundtables, working groups, etc.
  • Attend meeting of standing committee held during AALL annual meeting.
  • Attend meeting of roundtables, working groups, etc. held during AALL annual meeting.

Revised July 2011