Secretary / Treasurer

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The Secretary/Treasurer is elected for a two-year term.

Minutes and Other Documentation

  • Takes minutes at both the TS-SIS Executive Board meetings and at the annual TS-SIS Business Meeting after installation.
  • Verifies quorum at the annual TS-SIS Business Meeting and certifies to the TS-SIS Chair that a quorum has been reached.
  • Is responsible for distributing Executive Board minutes to all members of the board, and for forwarding the minutes of annual TS-SIS Business Meetings to TSLL's editor-in-chief for inclusion in the next issue and to the Chair for posting on the TS-SIS website.
  • Keeps archival copies of the minutes of Executive Board and annual business meetings, transferring these to the AALL Archives when appropriate.
  • After minutes have been approved by the Executive Board via email, sends a copy of the final minutes for posting on the TS-SIS website.

Financial Reports & Records

  • Monitors TS-SIS expenditures in order to guarantee adherence to the TS-SIS "Policy on Expenditures" (see Related Documents II).
  • Submits requests for reimbursement of funds to AALL headquarters for TS-SIS members and others as necessary. Retains a copy of each request for treasury records for 5 years.
  • Communicates with the Coordinator of the Exchange of Duplicates Program run by the Serials Committee and handles deposits and payment of expenses associated with the Exchange of Duplicates Program.
  • Reconciles the monthly budget statement from AALL Headquarters. Compares known deposits and expenditures to determine if the statements are correct and accurate. Contacts AALL Headquarters to investigate any discrepancies. Coordinates with other SIS Secretary/Treasurers when expenses being shared with other SISs to ensure that billings are correct.
  • Prepares an annual financial statement for distribution at the TS-SIS annual Business Meeting.

Election of Officers

  • Prepares ballots for the annual election of TS-SIS Executive Board officers and notifies the membership by email when and where ballots are available.
    • Ballots must include the contested positions; the names, titles, and institutions of the candidates for each position; candidates' statements, brief resumes, and photos; and directions for marking and submitting ballots.
  • Candidate slate and call for nominations by petition must be announced by the TS-SIS Chair by February 1, with nominations by petition (along with written acceptances) being submitted to the Chair no later than March 15.
  • Ballots should be made available no sooner than April 1 and the election should be completed by May 1.
  • Tabulates election results and notifies the TS-SIS Chair.

Other Voting

  • Notifies the membership by email 30 days in advance of a vote on proposed bylaws amendments and informs them of when and by what method balloting will take place. Prepares the ballots for proposed bylaws amendments to be voted upon.
  • Tallies and records the results of votes on bylaws amendments and notifies the TS-SIS Chair.

Revised June 27, 2013