2006-2007 Annual Report -- Nominations Committee -- Technical Services Special Interest Section, American Association of Law Libraries

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Nominations Committee
2006-2007 Annual Report

Date: April 8, 2007
To: Rhonda Lawrence, TS-SIS Chair
From: Regina T. Wallen
Re: 2006-2007 Nominations Committee Report
Cc: Calmer Chattoo, Phoebe Ruiz-Valera

There were three committee members this year: Calmer Chattoo, Phoebe Ruiz-Valera, and Regina Wallen, Chair. The committee was formed in December2006/January 2007. Potential candidates were contacted from those who expressed interest in serving on the board on the last annual TS-SIS Survey. The slate was finalized by the middle of February and the candidate bios/statements were sent to the TS Secretary, Sima Mirkin, for posting on the AALL TS-SIS elections website.

The question of candidates' photographs should be addressed by next year's committee and the executive board. This year only three out of the four candidates submitted a picture.

The Nominations Committee submitted this slate:

Vice Chair/Chair-Elect:
Ismael Gullon
Linda Tesar

Member at Large:
Carmen Brigandi
Lorna Tang