2012-2013 Annual Report

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Acquisitions Standing Committee
2012-2013 Annual Report

The Acquisitions Standing Committee has not been active during 2012-13 due to no special projects taking place. An annual report detailing the Acquisitions/Serials Roundtable meeting will be submitted after AALL's annual meeting.

Two ongoing projects:

  1. Damon Campbell (Florida Coastal) had compiled the results of the survey of cancellations. He plans to have it publish in the TSLL Newsletter.
    Update: Damon still has the data and plans to parse it and create a report in the not too distant future. He needs the assistance of someone who is proficient with SPSS (statistics program). Damon has not had the time to learn how to manipulate the data to the point where he could offer in-depth information about the results (per DC).
  2. Anne Robbins (University of Illinois, Champaign) created a blog styled site meant to trace Acqweb changes (http://legal-acquisition-forum.blogspot.com/). Ajaye Bloomstone (Louisiana State University), Lorna Tang (University of Chicago) and Mary Murtha (Univ. of Baltimore) have volunteer to assist with site.
    Update: Volunteers have not yet had an opportunity to do any work on it. It might be worth considering if there are ways to encourage volunteer participation. This can't be a useful project without a consistent volunteer effort (per AR).

Respectfully submitted June 11, 2013, by Trina Holloway, Acquisitions Standing Committee Chair