2012-2013 Annual Report

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Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee
2012-2013 Annual Report 2012/2013

Submitted by George A. Prager, Committee Chair

1. Overview

The Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee (CCSC) is one of the four TS-SIS standing committees. It currently has 50 members, including the chair, George Prager. The committee's primary web page is at: http://www.aallnet.org/sections/ts/committees/Cataloging.

During the past year, the committee as a whole was not involved in any initiatives. For the last few years, most of its work has been performed through its three working groups: the Descriptive Cataloging Policy Advisory Working Group (DCAG, chaired by Melissa Beck), the Classification and Subject Cataloging Policy Advisory Group (CSCP, chaired by Suzanne Graham), and the Task Group on Vendor Supplied Bibliographic Records (VBR, chaired by Cindy Spadoni). The CCSC chair has assisted as needed in the initiatives of these working groups, especially in the planning of the upcoming AALL Conference workshop: RDA Cataloging Cooperative, and the submission of an RDA instruction revisal proposal for the entry of treaties (More on both of these initiatives are given below in the section on DCAG). The CCSC chair has also spent a few weeks at the Library of Congress, assisting Jolande Goldberg, Senior Cataloging Policy Specialist/ Law Classification Specialist in several endeavors, most notably refinement of the draft Class KIA-KIK Indigenous American schedule, and reclassification of affected titles in the LC Law Library collection.

2. Future Directions of the CCSC

The current chair's term will end after the Seattle meeting, and a new chair will be needed. During his two terms as CCSC chair, he has tried with mixed success to get more of the newer TS-SIS and CCSC members involved in the work of the committee and its working groups. As catalogers become more familiar with RDA, it is to be hoped that a new chair will be able to devote less time to RDA training and implementation issues, and more time to recruiting new and dynamic members of the committee.

CCSC will meet twice at the AALL conference in Seattle: a general meeting of the committee, as well as a roundtable. The three CCSC working groups will also meet during the conference.

The CCSC chair would like to thank the chairs of the three CCSC working groups: Suzanne Graham, Melissa Beck, and Cindy Spadoni. Edited versions of their reports are given below.

3. Annual Report of the Classification and Subject Cataloging Policy Advisory Working Group to Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee of Technical Services Special Interest Section, American Association of Law Libraries 2012/2013

Submitted by Suzanne R. Graham, CSCP Chair (with revisions by George Prager)

3a. Identification of Crime Headings in LCSH

In support of a proposed Library of Congress Policy Standards Division (PSD) policy change, Suzanne Graham coordinated a group of twelve volunteers from the AALL Technical Services Special Interest Section in compiling and submitting a list of 368 LCSH crime headings and one free floating subdivision. The group combed through the hierarchies of crime terms identified as "inherently legal" and terms listed under "Crime" and "Criminal law" to create the list. This list was then submitted to Libby Dechman in PSD on May 22, 2013.

The proposed policy change will allow the subheading "Law and legislation" for crimes. Policy implementation and the updating of identified headings from the list will occur during the four- to six-month period following the week of May 27, 2013. This change should be helpful for users of these records as well as catalogers. PSD memo: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/crime-law-and-legislation.pdf.

3b. SACO Law Funnel

As of June 30, 2013, the Law Funnel submitted eight subject heading proposals. Seven have been approved and one is not yet scheduled. Also, in June, the funnel submitted one new form/genre heading, promoting "Legislative hearings" as a break-out NT under "Legislative materials." While this change is likely to be approved by LC, it may take a few months to come into effect.

In November 2012, AALL Spectrum published an article highlighting the SACO Law Funnel (co-authored by George Prager and Suzanne Graham). The summer issue of TSLL features an article on classification proposals (also with reference to the SACO Law Funnel), written by Lia Contursi and Karen Wahl.

This funnel is coordinated by Suzanne Graham, Cindy May, Kathy Lin, and Caroline Young Einlauger.

3c. Law Form/Genre Terms

Work continues to encourage law librarians to implement new form/genre headings into their catalogs and submit lists of OCLC numbers of updated records to Yael Mandelstam. This will be a topic of the upcoming CCSC Roundtable in Seattle. After much discussion within CSCP as well as with PSD, a decision was made to revise the genre/form term: "Commentaries (Civil law systems)" to "Law commentaries". Accordingly, George Prager submitted a SACO revision proposal in spring 2013. The revised genre/form term was added to the authority file in early July 2013. The revised term will be applicable to a broader range of commentaries, including commentaries on laws of civil and common law countries, as well as commentaries on international laws.

3d. 2012-2013 CSCP Members

  • Abigail Bibee, University of Michigan
  • Amalia Contursi, Columbia University
  • Pam Deemer, Emory University
  • Suzanne Graham, University of Georgia
  • Joni Herbst, University of Oregon
  • Aaron Kuperman, Library of Congress
  • Tom Latuszek, Florida Coastal School of Law
  • Melody Lembke, UC Irvine
  • Kathy Lin, UC Davis
  • Yael Mandelstam, Fordham University
  • Ellen McGrath, SUNY Buffalo
  • Pat Sayre McCoy, University of Chicago
  • Sallie Smith, University of Pittsburgh
  • Robert Rendall, Columbia University
  • Sally H. Wambold, University of Richmond
  • Caroline Young, Rutgers University
  • Ex-officio
    • Jolande Goldberg, Library of Congress
    • George Prager, New York University
      (TS-SIS Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee Chair)

4. Descriptive Cataloging Policy Advisory Working Group (DCAG) Annual Report, 2012/2013

Submitted by Melissa Beck, DCAG Chair (with revisions by George Prager)

Melissa Beck is current chair of DCAG. This group works closely with John Hostage, our AALL representative to ALA's Committee on Cataloging: Description & Access (CC:DA), providing feedback on continuing changes, updates, and new developments in RDA. John continued to keep us updated on revisions under discussion by the Joint Steering Committee for Development of RDA (JSC) and CC:DA, and solicited our comments and suggestions as appropriate.

A major accomplishment this year was the submission of a proposal to revise the RDA instructions for the cataloging of treaties, thanks in large part to the inspired work of John Hostage. Assisting John in his efforts were selected members of DCAG as well as other catalogers from the Cataloging and Classification Standing Committee, the Program for Cooperative Cataloging, and the Library of Congress. John successfully presented the DCAG treaty proposal to CC:DA at the American Library Association meeting in June 2013. The proposal now goes forward to the JSC, who will decide in their November 2013 meeting whether or not to approve the proposal in whole or in part. If the proposal is approved, it will then be included in a midyear 2014 update to the RDA Toolkit. In the meantime, DCAG made an interim policy recommendation to the Library of Congress and the Program for Cooperative Cataloging that all new treaty access points be created according to AACR2, and existing AACR2 treaty headings not be revised to RDA, at least not until the fate of our RDA treaty instruction proposal has been decided by the JSC. LC is in favor of our interim recommendation, and we expect it to be approved soon by the PCC Policy Committee, and to become "official" PCC interim policy. The DCAG membership has dwindled this year, mostly due to the retirement of several key members. A goal for the coming year is to re-establish and maintain a core group of expert descriptive catalogers who are willing to actively assist in further possible revisions to RDA and also to develop best practices for the cataloging of legal materials. During the work on the treaty instruction revision proposal, we were able to recruit a few new members for DCAG.

Melissa Beck, DCAG's chair, has been serving as the coordinator for the upcoming RDA Cataloging Cooperative Workshop, which will be held Saturday, July 13, 2013 during the AALL Annual Meeting. Four additional DCAG members will be instructors at the workshop: Lia Contursi, John Hostage, Patricia Sayre-McCoy, and George Prager.

5. Report of the 2012/2013 activities for the Task Group on Vendor Supplied Records

Submitted by Cindy Spadoni, VBR chair (with revisions by George Prager)

The VBR group has been mostly quiet this year. It's been working with Serials Solutions to try and figure out ways to reduce duplication in their database due to the scarcity of information in their brief records, primarily for monographs. The group has also worked with Proquest to help the vendor improve its records for the Legislative Insight database. The Task Group's greatest need is helping vendors navigate RDA and the provider neutral record.

Cindy Spadoni has indicated that she will need to step down as VBR chair after the AALL 2013 conference. While there are several very knowledgeable and active members of VBR, the group needs to expand its membership. Much work remains to be done.