2012-2013 Annual Report

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Membership Committee
2012-2013 Annual Report

Submitted by: Suzanne Graham (Chair)

2012-2013 Members: Carol Morgan Collins, Jennifer Creevy, Suzanne Graham (chair), Yumin Jiang, Cynthia Myers, Jen Richter, Linda Sobey, Tara Summus, and Cindy Spadoni (ex-officio).

Welcomed 12 new members to TS-SIS with email.
Committee revised the welcome email letter in September 2012. Miriam Childs (TS Chair) and Jennifer Creevy supplied monthly lists of new members and Suzanne Graham (Membership Chair), who sent them our welcome emails. In May 2013, after the transfer of website to AALL servers, the committee again reviewed the letter and updated all the links in the letter.

Recruit New Members
Since January, Jennifer Creevy reviewed the list of new AALL members in the monthly president's newsletter for prospective new members. Four new AALL members with technical services job responsibilities received an introductory email from Suzanne Graham during the spring 2013.

Review TS SIS Self Promotion
In early March 2013, Suzanne Graham sent out invitations to complete the TS-SIS volunteer survey to everyone who had left a business card at TS table at last year's annual conference.

Committee suggested an additional roundtable in Exhibit Hall to accommodate networking or committee discussions at Annual Meeting.

AALL Mentorship Project
In June 2013, AALL Membership Development Committee launched the new online mentoring program. Suzanne Graham sent out an email encouraging TS-SIS members to participate.

Represent TS SIS at CONELL Marketplace and coordinates activities and staffing of TS-SIS table
Linda Sobey arranged for purchase of pencils and post-its for new members that stop by our table. Tara Summus solicited, coordinated, and provided tips for table volunteers. Tara also revised the TSLL binder and provided a day-at-glance activity sheet for items of TS-related activities. Cindy Spaldoni coordinated silent auction. Suzanne Graham purchased two $25 Amazon gift cards for prizes at table and made a blue TS banner to drape over main table.