2012-2013 Annual Report

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Nominating Committee
2012-2013 Annual Report

Members: Jen Richter, Chair; Cynthia Myers; Pamela Cipkowski

Not all members of the committee were able to attend the Annual Conference in Boston, so in early October the Nominations Committee resumed contact and began making a selection of possible candidates for two positions: Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, and Member-at-Large. Already a list of interested potential candidates for both offices was provided to me in June, and the committee members began contacting those on the list first. In mid-December, the committee received written acceptances from one Vice-Chair/Chair Elect candidate and one Member-at-Large candidate, and in early January another TSLL member accepted candidacy for Member-at-Large. Finding an additional Vice Chair/Chair Elect candidate proved challenging, and by the end of February the committee had contacted more than 50 members. On February 25, the committee received written acceptance of the final Vice Chair/Chair Elect candidate.

On February 28, I emailed the slate of candidates to Chair Miriam Childs along with the acceptance emails from each of the four candidates. The Executive Board approved the slate of: Suzanne Graham and Shyama Agrawal for Vice Chair/Chair-Elect; and Kathy Faust and Eric Parker for Member-at-Large. Online election via AALL was held in mid-April, with results posted to the TS list on April 29th, 2013 announcing Suzanne Graham for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect and Eric Parker for Member-at-Large. The Committee thanks Shyama Agrawal and Kathy Faust for their willingness to be nominated.

Respectively submitted,

Jen Richter
June 27, 2013